Three Parkers_More Clear

THESE THREE Parker family's lived close to the Benton’s (Vaughan) (who are mentioned quite a bit: I left this in its whole state because sometimes breaking it up becomes more confusing. If your one of these names copy the whole post, then study it throughly.
Richard Parker of Browsholme-- Eng.
Then to America ca. 1652-Charles City Co. Va. & Henrico Co. Va.
Md. Mary Perkins, Widow of Nicholas Perkins.
Richard Parker of Nansemond Co. Va.
Wife unknown
Richard Parker of Surry Co. Va.
Md. Judith Hunt
This was collected by Waunita Powell 1980-90 This is not so much to trace lineages as it is to prove that there were three different Richard Parkers in Va. and that Dr. Parker of Charles City Co., Va. moved to Henrico Co., Va. and not to Surry or Nansemund Co. Va.
I have put this material together hoping to be of aid to others working on their genealogies. I hope to show enough evidence to prove the separation of these three Richard Parkers. I feel it is necessary because many Genealogies in print have mixed up these three men. Especially genealogies concerning Richard Parker of Nansemond Co., Va. I have not used tradition to prove my point. (There is some repetition to help make it clear)
Dr. Richard Parker was Christened Nov. 29, 1630 in Warleggon, England. He was the ninth child of James Parker, Knt., and his wife Katherine Buller. He was probably bn. in Nov. (more later)
Richard Parker of Surry Co., Va., is well documented. It was he that patented land on Blackwater Swamp, and it must have been his Grandson, Richard Parker the 3rd, that Mr. Byrd stayed with when surveying the Virginia-North Carolina line in 1728. Mr. Byrd spoke of Richard Parker's daughter, Sarah. It was this Richard Parker that had a stepdaughter named Sarah. This was near the town of Nottaway, now Courtland, in Southampton Co. Va. (Ref. "Southampton Co., Va." by Paramore Pg. 27-8). Richard Parker "the immigrant" of Surry Co., Va. Md. Judith Hunt, widow of Wm. Hunt.
Richard Parker of Surry died 1677. This is the line of Miss Isabel Lockard. (she steered me in the right direction when she advised me there were three Richard Parkers in Va. at same time.)
Richard Parker of Nansemond Co., Va. must have been born ca. 1620-24. He is first found in Head rights of John Carter 1643, and the same listing with Lawrence Peeters in 1647, with variations of spellings of head right's names. This kind of dishonesty was often used. They merely changed spelling of names.
When you study abstracts of land patents of John Carter and Lawrence Peeters you will find the same neighbors mentioned as are mentioned as neighbors of Richard Parker of Nansemond in his land transactions, and those of his sons. These land acquisitions were not received as soon as the headrights arrived, but often a wait of three to seven years, so as to prove the headrights would become settlers. They had to improve the land. Richard Parker of Nansemond Co. is probably in the family of Wm. and/or Thomas Parker of Dumplin Cr. and Chuckatuck.
Please, be aware of the fact that Dr. Richard Parker of Charles City Co., Va. would have been a child of 13 when Mr. Carter received his patent in 1643, and probably less than 10 years old when Mr. Carter applied for this patent, naming Richard Parker as one of the headrights. This is a good indication of the fact that these are two different men.
Elizabeth Baily was not the wife of either of these Richard Parkers. She was the daughter of Capt. Richard Baily of England.
Capt. Bailey’s plantation was in Accomac Co. This is the area of George Parker. (Not the brother of Dr. Richard Parker. This George Parker was much older man than Dr. Richard Parker's brother, George, who was Christened May 1. 1640) Capt. George Parker of Accomac was High Sheriff of Accomac Co. Va. 1656, and his will was probated Oct. 7, 1674. Elizabeth Baily Parker's husband was still living in 1695, after all three of these Richard Parkers had deceased. The following is a story about Elizabeth Baily, as I found it in "The Kingdom of Accawmacke" by Wise. Page 322. (Also found in Accomac Co. Records 1690-97, Pg. 161. and "17th Century Va." Pg. 181 by Bruce: “Attached to the plantation of Capt. Richard Bayly of Accomac Co. was a negro slave who, by his accomplishments in this respect contributed as much to the diversion of the neighborhood as any person in it. This fiddler is found taking a prominent part in a lively scene which occurred at the house of Rev. Thomas Teakle, to the scandal of the whole countryside. Though innocent enough in light of modern day."(also Ref. Accomack Co. Orders 1690-97 pp160a-165)
"Elizabeth Parker accompanied by Samuel Doe and his wife, went over to Mr. Teakle's house to visit his daughter while he was away. They carried the negro boy with them and after their arrival it occurred to the little company that it would be pleasant in the opportune absence of the clergyman to have a dance. The fiddle which had been left behind was sent for and the dancing began. While it was going on one James Fairfax came for the boy, but Elizabeth Parker made him abandon his purpose by informing him with some temper, that she had borrowed the fiddler of her sister, Ursula Bayly, his owner. However, she declared she would pay him. She (Elizabeth) took from her purse a Spanish piece of eight. (?). She also persuaded Fairfax to remain and take part in the dancing."
(Richard Baily Jr.'s wife was called Urcilla in W. P.6-1-1708)
"Someone present reproached Margaret Teakle for "undutifulness of Carriage" towards Mr. Teakle "by making feast in his absence", But Elizabeth urged her to disregard her father, who had strict notions."
"Mr. Teakle, though a clergyman, was a man of wealth and was engaged to marry one of Elizabeth Parker's kinsfolk: "And a proud woman she was" exclaimed the fair tempter, "and wore fringes at the bindings of her petticoat." Margaret Teakle seems to have yielded only too readily to her friends' urgent appeal and at once fetched the silk with which the fiddler might string his instrument: and as a reward gave him several yds. of ribbon as well as several yards of lace."
"The dance started on Saturday night and continued with spirit until nearly 11 O’clock of the following Sabbath morning. The company consisted of Elizabeth Parker, Jane Hall, Margaret Teakle, James Fairfax and John Addison.
When Mr. Teakle returned home a few days afterwards and was informed of the desecration of his house by a dance on the Sabbath he was greatly scandalized and at next meeting of County Court formally presented Elizabeth and her husband." This proves her husband could not have been any of the three Richard Parkers. They were all deceased before the date of Accomack records 1690-7, in which records this occurrence recorded.
More on page 7 not indexed.
Some have said that Dr. Richard Parker was married before Mary Perkins because of the term "now wife". This is merely a legal term of the times.
Another item to clear up is the Elizabeth Packer in Henrico Co. Va. The name Packer is indexed wrong as "Parker", which Cavaliers and Pioneer by Nugent states. Elizabeth was Married first to William Sharp. After his death she married Thomas Packer, and married #3 John Baugh. Some Nansemond Co. Parker researchers have linked her with Dr. Richard Parker when he was in Henrico Co., Va., in an attempt to prove that Richard Parker of Henrico Co. and Dr. Richard Parker of Charles City Co. Va. were two different men. This is not so, as records prove.
Thomas Packer was with Capt. John Smith and is named in his will. Elizabeth? Sharp was his 2nd wife.
In Henrico Co. 1692/3--Recorded Apr. 17, 1693----Robert Sharp, of Henrico Co., to John Baugh of Bristol Par. Hen. Co. Va. witness that Elizabeth Baugh, alias Packer, Alias Sharp, did by will recorded Hen. Co. Va. Feb. 1, 1650/1 give to her daughter, Dorothy Packer, all land bought of John Baugh, commonly called "Peircyes Toyl",...and by right devised by Dorothy Packer, now dec'd sister to John Baugh above by the mother's side...Now said Robert Sharp, grandson and heir of said Elizabeth, for 20 lbs. released to said John Baugh all the above lands...Wit: Henry Randolph, James Baugh. Signed Rob (RS) Sharp. Katherine, wife of Robert, Relq. her dower right. (Henrico Co. Va. D. &W. 1688-1697 Pg. 389)
Most of this book is about Dr. Richard Parker from Browsholme in Yorkshire, England. I hope I succeed in showing future genealogists the different Richard Parkers. These records have been collected over several years. Additional records I would welcome--Pros & Cons with documentation not tradition.
Waunita Powell
407 Elm
Paris, Ill. 6-1944
(Put on computer starting 1992-Earlier copies sent to libraries.)
Sent to me by Isabel Lockard,-"Commander Robert W.Parker, now deceased, a descendant of Richard Parker, Surgeon, of Charles City and Henrico Co., Va. claimed without question that this Richard Parker was the Surgeon. Commander R. W. Parker was a major authority on all Parkers and many researchers relied on him.
"HEADRIGHTS (From Terry Topics)
After 1616 everybody coming into the Colony from any other place was entitled to 50 aces. of land in his own name or in the name of the person who paid his passage. Such rights could be bought or sold or transferred without compensation. Often accumulated over a period of years and presented by the holder for patents to larger acreage. The persons named as headrights in a patent did not necessarily arrive in Colony the year the patent was issued, but oft-times such dates are the only clues to person’s first appearance in Virginia. (This is a very important fact to remember when reading of headrights.) Headrights were issued in the name of persons of all social classes---often the younger sons of English Upper Classes. This system gave rise and support to the story of young women being sent to the colony to become wives of the colonists. Their transportation being paid with tobacco warehouse receipts: they eventually were being listed for 50 of land each. There is ample evidence that the headrights system was vastly abused. Enormous acreage came into possession of speculators- -official and unofficial, who took advantage of lax and careless accounting methods. Although they made a profit they did not profiteer. Emigrants sometimes found it to their advantage to buy from speculators rather than go to the expense and trouble of locating and surveying the land and securing patents.
At first only settlers who actually occupied the land were given the 50 acres. H.R. Eventually others received these rights. For example, it sometimes happened that a servant, the master of a ship who brought him into the country, the merchant who sold his indenture, and the master who purchases his services, each secured a headright. Thus, for one settler, two hundred acres were granted instead of fifty. There were many false patents, an example being a slight alteration of the name of the immigrant (t) for a second entry--possibly several years after the first. (remember this when you see the patents of John Carter 1643 and Lawrence Peeters in 1647 naming Richard Parker in Nansemond Co.) For a time it was possible for a patentee to take up 10,000 acres. upon clearing one, building a hut 12 ft. sq. and turning a few hogs into the woods. Many a family fortune was founded on the headright system.
(Also refer to "Colonial Virginia" by Morton. Pg. 46, 362, 539)
VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY & BIOGRAPHY Vol. 2 Pg. 157--every share‑holder who transported an immigrant to the Colony acquired thereby a claim of 50 acres if the person remained three years.
When a patent had been secured by different steps in procedures described there are two important conditions to be observed before title was perfected and a failure to carry out worked a legal forfeiture: #1 Seat the new plantation (erect a cabin of the meanest pretensions on the land) #2. a small stock of cattle to range 12 months in woods. #3 Put down an acre of tobacco or corn.
"COLONIAL VIRGINIA" Vol. 1 Pg. 362 by Morton.
Continued ownership of the land was secured by three conditions: That it be seated or planted within 3 years: That if on frontier the owner keep 4 able bodied, well armed men upon it: And that an annual rent of 2 Shillings for every 50 acres, the Quitrent, be paid the King. Sometimes these requirements had not been met. Although the owner in seating land was supposed to build a house on it, to furnish it with a good stock of hogs and cattle, and to plant and improve the soil, many instead cut down a few trees and built a bark-covered hut, planted some corn among the fallen timber, turned a few hogs loose to root for themselves and proceeded to rest from further obligations. Few owners made any attempt to keep armed men on frontier land or pay the quitrent.
From time to time L. P. was forfeited to the crown, but the law was difficult to enforce. Sometimes large tracts were unoccupied while in some cases, indentured servants, who had completed their time and small farmers with worn out land, were forced to hire themselves out, or rent a farm, or take up land either on the extreme frontier or in a neighboring colony. Since the Sheriffs were owned by the Councilors, to whom they owed their positions, and other rich planters, the quitrent on some large tracts were concealed and never collected. (1702 some laws were revised) (It is important to keep all of this information in mind when determining how early some of these people arrived in the colony and how old they were when the patents were secured.)
(The above information also explains why many names absent on Quitrent roles.)
Vol. 2 Pg. 420--Act of 1666--Meaning of Seating Planting required of those securing grants: It was then enacted "that building a house and keeping a stock one whole year upon the land shall be accounted Seating: and the clearing, tending and planting an acre of ground shall be accounted planting, and either of those shall be accounted a sufficient performance of the condition required by the patent". (This would have covered Dr. Parker's Pat. 1669.)
Prior to 1776 in Va., law limited the inheritance of property to a specified line of heirs, so that it could not be left to anyone else (called entail). And prior to 1786 if there was a will the law held that the widow received one-third (Called her dower), for her lifetime, with the remaining two-thirds going to eldest son, unless specified differently in the will. Upon the widow's death the oldest son received her one-third. If there was no will the oldest son received everything. If the oldest son was dead the oldest grandson became heir. If a man was unmarried his heir was his oldest brother. If a man was married, but childless his widow kept the land her lifetime, but if she wanted control she had to petition for a new patent to the land.
(It is important to understand these laws and other laws I give later on in these records.)
Additional information about Elizabeth Baily Parker
Richard Baily of Craddock Cr. Accomak Co., Va. Md Mary Jones, sister of Henry Jones WD 2-8-1664. Had at least Richard Jr. (WP 6-1-1708, Wife Ursula), Edmund, and Elizabeth md. Mr.Phillip Parker.
George Parker Sr. bn. ca. 1627:WP Oct 7, 1674 Accomac Co. Had at least George Jr., John, Charles W.P. Feb. 2, 1708/9 wife Elizabeth-mentions Cousin John s/o bro. Geo: Cousin, Bennett s/o Bro. Geo.: Charles, s/o Bro. John: Cousin Bayley Parker.
Geo. Parker WP. July 7, 1724 named son Richard, Bennett, Henry, Phillip, dau, Ann. (Year 2001:Since doing this book I have received court records showing Elizabeth’s husband’s name was Phillip Parker. This is in records concerning what I have written before)Also (refer to Accomak Co. orders 1690-i1697, Reel 79, pp. 160a-165, Depositions for the case of Thomas Teackle vs. Phillip Parker & Elizabeth his wife—obtained by George P. Bauguess and Transcribed by Raymond Fouts July 1, 1987 and she sent to me)
Rev. Thomas Teakle of Accomack made his will Jan. 20, 1695/6:WP Feb. 19, 1695. (we know Elizabeth Baily md before this date.
COAT OF ARMS: The early Coat of Arms of the Parkers of Extwistle were:-Gu. a chevron between three leopards' heads, with arrow in mouth of each leopard. Crest, a buck trippant ppr. transpierced through the body with an arrow point downwards, arg.
That of the BROWSHOLME line was very similar and the following was used by Edward Parker, son of Thomas: Vert., a chevron between three stags' heads, caboshed or. Crest, on a chapeau a stag trippant ppr. Motto, "Non fluctu nec flatu movetur--Parkers of Browsholme." (unmoved by either wave or wind).
by Waunita Powell
Dr. Richard Parker was Christened Nov. 29, 1630 at Warlegon in England. His father was James Parker, Knight, and Gentleman. James at age 25/26 married in 1616 Katherine Buller age 16. Their home was at Browsholme Hall in Yorkshire, England. The Buller family was an ancient and respectable family seated in Cornwall, dating back to the reign of Elizabeth (1558-1603). Katherine was a descendant of Geoffrey Plantagent. Dr. Richard Parker's Grandfather, William Parker, was Arch Deacon of Blisland, whose lineage is traced back to Giles Parker through his son, Edmund Parker, who died 1547, and to Monk Wm. Le Parker, seated at Lancashire, England. Wm. Le Parker received land 1395 and was styled "De Monk Hall in Extwistle".
Rowland Parker, a younger son of James, left an account of the family written Sept. 1, 1673. This account was found in an old Common Place Book now at Browsholme, the home of the Parker family in Yorkshire. Rowland listed 21 children. (ref.Va. Mag.Vol 5) He stated: "Richard, ye 9th, Dr. of Physick went to Virginy, married a Londoner and had issue six children, liveth upon Saint James River, in ye Uplands of Virginy, hath been High Sheriff of said County."
English law dictated that the eldest son was to inherit the estate of the father, so Richard Parker could expect little from his father. (Later years the estate of James Parker was decimated by suits between William, his eldest son, and himself). As many young men before him, he had to learn a trade or profession. He became a doctor, and went to the Colonies to make his fortune as a landowner and Doctor. On July 27, 1652 Capt. Francis Morgan was granted a patent of land in Glocestor Co., Virginia. Capt. Morgan had an earlier Patent in Charles City Co., Va. The 1652 patent had ten headrights, and among these were Richard Parker, Robert Burten, John Parker, and William Porter. Richard Parker, Wm. Porter and John Parker were in Charles City Co. John Parker's will probated there in 1678. His wife Ann was executor. Dr. Richard Parker, Robert Burten and William Porter later found in Henrico Co., Virginia. The Patent date is not an indication of date of arrival, but can only be used to prove the person was in Virginia by that time. With the London Company there was at least a seven year wait for your land patent. Later there was a stipulation that you must put up a small cabin (called seating) put a small stock of cattle to range in the woods for 12 months, and the headrights had to remain in Virginia for three years. You also had to plant an acre of corn or tobacco.
The few remaining Charles City Co. Va. records cover period of 1655-1665. Even though we have so few early records there is still enough information to document the story of Dr. Richard Parker. This, also, holds true to Henrico Co. Records, which were destroyed in 1676 during the "Bacon Rebellion", and sparse records in later years due to fires, etc.
For proof that Richard Parker of Charles City Co. Va. was the Doctor we only need to look at the following records: April 21, 1656 Richard Parker was ordered to perfect the cure of the leg of John Matthew that he had treated for two years. This also proves that Dr. Parker was in Charles City Co. by 1654. June 22, 1656 William Fisher, orphan of John, indentured himself to Richard Parker, Cheurgeon, to learn the profession. This indenture was to last two years and ten months. (Maybe an indication of the length of time to become a doctor). In 1658 William Fisher and Dr. Parker reciprocally acquit each other of all services. William Fisher is to receive clothing and goods as agreed, and the books given him by Dr. Parker or others, with costs.
Rowland Parker said that Richard Parker had married "A Londoner" and lived on" Saint James River" in "Uplands of Virginia". Charles City Co. and Henrico County were built on Very High Cliffs, and both Upland Brook and Upland District were found in Henrico Co. Several deeds in Henrico Co. mention "The Uplands".
Mary Perkins, maiden name unknown, had married first, as the second wife of, Nicholas Perkins. Their son Nicholas, Jr. was
Christened Oct. 11, 1649 at Stepney St. Dunstan, London, England. This verifies the fact that Mary was the "Londoner" that Dr. Richard Parker had married. Mary Perkins was a headright of Nicholas Perkins in his land patent of 1650 in "Bermuda Hundred", which was South of the James River, just below "Diggs His Hundred", where Dr. Parker owned a plantation of 110 acres in Charles City Co., Va. Nicholas Perkins Jr. was probably the fourth unnamed headright. Since Mary and Nicholas, Jr. were Nicholas Sr.'s wife and son, he apparently did not have to wait for the number of years for his land to be granted on these two members of his family, because he did already have his home there with two daughters by a previous marriage, and it would be obvious that Mary and Nicholas would remain there. Nicholas Perkins' first wife was Elizabeth Harding, d/o John (Ref: D.A.C.). By his first marriage he had Lydia Bn. ca. 1641: Md. Robert Burton. Elizabeth Bn. 1643: Md. Mr. Jones. Nicholas Perkins, Sr. apparently died about 1654, as there are no records of him in 1655. Nicholas and Mary Perkins lived near Dr. Richard Parker, on South side of James River. Perhaps Dr. Parker treated Nicholas in an illness or accident, and this way became acquainted with Mary. After a mourning period this friendship became a courtship that ended in an engagement. Young widows, with or without children, did not remain unmarried for long, due to circumstances of living in the colonies. Young men were equally anxious to obtain a wife and family.
July 31, 1656 Richard Parker gave consent to Mary to make unto herself all the estate left her by her late husband, Nicholas Perkins, in his will, both here and in England. Richard Parker agreed to bring up the children, of Nicholas, seeing to their education. This agreement was recorded Sept. 5, 1656 in Charles City Co, which may point to an August marriage. The September 1, 1656 Court records reveal that Richard Parker was granted permission to probate the will of Nicholas Perkins now that he had married the relict, Mary Parker. The children probably received only one or two years of schooling, which was average for the time. Numbers would be the most important for these people to learn. Now that Richard had married Mary Perkins they would have a guardian as required by law. The Charles City Co. Court took security of Richard Parker as Guardian. They lived on his plantation of 110 acres at "Diggs His Hundred" until the move to Henrico Co. Va. Dr. Parker must have acquired this land before 1655, as there is no record of the patent. There is no record of what happened to Nicholas Perkins Sr.'s land in Bermuda Hundred. Nicholas did not locate there. He located on Four Mile Creek with land adjoining his stepfather, Dr. Richard Parker.
Mary Perkins Parker's father was still living in England Feb. 4, 1656/7. This is proven by Court Record Feb. 4, 1656/7 in Charles City Co., when Dr. Parker agreed to the signing and sealing of the Estate of his now wife, Mary Parker, all the crops her two boys, or servants, were to make the ensuing year and after, as long as they had to serve, and that she could free them when their time to serve was up. ("Two boys" refers to the indentured servants not sons) This was to include any other things sent to her by her father in England. Dr. Parker agreed not to interfere in any way. This agreement made several months after their marriage. Perhaps they were expecting, or had already received more, from her father. By doing this Richard Parker may have made Mary's life more secure if something should happen to him.
August 2, 1659 Dr. Parker Leased/sold his 110 acre plantation at Westover to John Beauchamp, Merchant. This agreement was to cover twelve years. Then there would be a division of the stock. It seems that this agreement might cover the time it would take Dr. Richard Parker to collect his headrights, survey his land in Henrico Co. and "Seat" it as the law required. Many of Dr. Parker's neighbors had made the move to this county. There is no record of when or how Dr. Parker got this land. It must have been before 1655 when the Charles City Co., Va. records begin. It must be that the first fifty, at least, was for his passage to America.
In 1660 Dr. Richard Parker was still living in Charles City Co., as we find him performing his civic duty as Sheriff. To become a Sheriff you had to be well thought of, reliable and upper class. One of the duties of a Sheriff was to deliver warrants and deliver "The Bodies to the court" (meaning people). April 3, 1660 Richard Parker served a warrant from Capt. Edward Hill to Wm. Hunt. Wm. Hunt refused to come because he did not have the time. However, he did appear at a later date. (Sheriffs 1 Year Terms). Dr. Parker gave his age as 31, or thereabout.
(means in his 31st year-as we speak he was 30 yrs. old)
In 1662 Richard Parker, Wm. Fisher and Margaret Crews witnessed the will of John Rowen in Henrico Co. A copy of this original will is on microfilm showing the original signatures. Margaret Crews was d/o Daniel Llewellyn. She was probable wife of James Crews, mentioned in the will. He was later hung for his part in Bacon Rebellion. James Crews name is on many records with Daniel Llewellyn. Margaret seems to have died before James was hung. Seems there was a daughter, Hannah, md. Giles Carter.
Dr. Parker was probably still living on his plantation in Charles City Co. Va., while he was preparing his plantation in Henrico Co. for his family, traveling back and forth, as the distance was not too great. He was, undoubtedly, making his improvements necessary to receive his patent. He must have been clearing land building a cabin, pasturing some of his cattle and preparing his crops of corn and/or tobacco. Dr. Parker must have finished his preparations by Sept. 15, 1664. On this date in Charles City County records is found evidence of the move. Page 498 Nicholas Perkins, orphan, requests the Court of Charles City Co. to release him to make his personal choice of guardian, as he was at the age of Election (Meaning old enough to make his choice instead of the courts choice for him). Nicholas, Jr. must have been happy with Dr. Parker as his guardian. The court records show that Nicholas appointed Richard Parker to continue his guardianship of him and his estate. I believe this is being done because they either had or were moving to Henrico Co. Elizabeth Perkins also ask the Court to release her estate, now that she was of age 21. She stated that her father-in-law had it ready for her. The Clerk of the Court of Charles City Co. was appointed to request the Court of Henrico to take security for Richard Parker for the estate and for the education of the two younger children of Nicholas Perkins, dec'd, and the Court of Charles City to be discharged from the estate. The above underlined is important because it shows that Dr. Parker moved to Henrico Co. Va. still as a guardian of Nicholas Perkins. On Oct. 29, 1669 he was granted his patent on North Side of James River at the head of Four Mile Creek. This patent was near "Upland (Ufaum, etc) Brook.
It seems that Dr. Parker was quite conscientious in caring for his family, as his agreement with John Beauchamp in the 1659 lease/sale of his plantation in Charles City Co. overlapped this patent by two years. It would have given him time to prepare a
nice plantation with orchards and all before he was to give up all rights to his old plantation in Charles City Co. Even his orchard could have been producing.
Dr. Parker was called back to Charles City Co. Oct. 1664 as a Juror, along with five others from Henrico Co. To be a juror you had to be worth at least 100 pounds Sterling. The jurors had to "review" the body of George Bullington who had fallen from a horse and dragged to his death in the area of Charles City Co. The Bullingtons were residents of Henrico Co.
This is explained by an excerpt from "COLONIAL JUSTICE IN VIRGINIA' by Chumbly: "Courts of Virginia: sometimes area sparsely settled. Trial by Jury was then held where offense committed in same part of Colony. Sometimes sparsely settled and communication was extremely slow and travel often impossible. There would rarely be more than a few men who would qualify for Jury Service. By an act passed Mar. 1661/2 they provided that a Court, in order to meet this problem, all criminal cases concerning life or members should be tried at a General Court only on the 4th day of each term: and that a writ of "Venire Facias" should be sent to Sheriff of accused's County to summon six of the "ablest and nearest of the inhabitants of his County" to serve on Jury for a fee of 20 pound of tobacco per day at the expense of the County. The remaining six were chosen from bystanders attending court and qualified to serve". Dr. Parker may have been chosen because of his profession as a doctor.
Dr. Richard Parker's patent in Henrico Co. Oct. 29, 1669 was for 350 acres. N. S. James River head of Four Mile Cr. Beg. at Harahadox Path. H.R. 7. One of the headrights was John Harding--perhaps he is the grandfather of Lydia and Elizabeth Perkins, daughters of Nicholas by his first wife Elizabeth Harding. In 1674 Nicholas Perkins, 2nd, patented 537 acres. adjoining his stepfather, Richard Parker, on Four Mile Cr. The 1679 tithes show Richard Parker and Nicholas Perkins to be neighbors. Mary Nowell, daughter of Lydia Perkins Nowell, married Robert Burton. A Robert Burton was a neighbor of Richard Parker's land in 1701 on East side of Cornelious Cr. at Parker's Path.
In the June 1679 tithes Richard Parker is listed with two males over 16. One would be himself and the other his son, Richard Jr., who seems to have been born ca. 1659/60, by the evidence supplied by records. Dr. Parker is not called Sr. at the time the tithes were taken in June 1679, but by Feb. 1679/80, in a deed of Thomas Holmes, he is called Sr. This leads me to believe there was a girl or two born before Richard, Jr. There was a son Thomas Born 1666. Oct. 4, 1679 "Dr. Parker" found on list in settling estate of Lt. Col. Richard Cocke in Henrico Co.
The last record that I have found of Dr. Richard Parker was in the deed of Feb. 1679/80 of Thomas Holmes' sale of 150 acres. of land to John Pledge. These 150 acres. was part of the 350 acres formerly patented by Richard Parker, Sr. This was called a "dividend" of the former patent. Could this have been a dower gift for a daughter, Susan? Dr. Parker must have died between that date and 1682, when Richard Parker 2nd was listed on Jury list, and he was not referred to as Jr.
I found very few records concerning Mary Parker. This is the usual thing concerning mothers, wives and daughters. May 23, 1677 Mary Parker signed a "Vestry Certificate" with her mark "M". She was a neighbor of Katherine Banks Royal Isham in Charles City Co., and in Henrico Co. Joseph Royal had owned land at "Diggs His Hundred" in Charles City Co. Katherine was in 1679 tithes in Henrico Co. When Katherine wrote her Will Oct. 1686 she willed enough Dowlas and Serge to make her "loving Friend, Mary Parker,” a gown and petticoat. Dowlas was a favorite material of the time. Quite a nice legacy to her "Loving Friend". Richard Parker II because of his affection for, "ASSIGNED" a cow-calf in 1689 to John Cannon (a minor) s/o John Cannon. This may be an indication of the death of Mary Parker. John Cannon bn. 1643 was married to his second wife Hester Pledge bn. 1663. John Cannon's children seem too old to be of Hester. John Cannon was security for Richard Parker 2nd. when he was the administrator of John Ballard's will. John Cannon, in his will, named his first overseer to see his will carried out, Nicholas Perkins. This all indicates a probable relationship. John Cannon's first wife may have been daughter of Richard Parker & Mary, and half sister to Nicholas Perkins, and full sister to Richard Parker 2nd. The Cow-calf being the inheritance due to a daughter of Richard and Mary, after the decease of Mary. John Cannon, Sr's only daughter called Mary. I speculate that his first wife's name may have been Mary Parker. The eldest son would receive his mother's inheritance if she was deceased.
Dr. Richard Parker's brother, Rowland, stated Sept. 1, 1673 that Richard Parker had six children. I will assume this was all they had, as Mary would be nearing 50 years old, and they had been married seventeen years. We do not know that they all lived to maturity. I have already mentioned the "probability" of a daughter being the first wife of John Cannon. A second possibility is a daughter married first to Thomas Holmes and second to Robert Smith.
Richard Parker, Jr. was born ca. 1659-60: Md. #1 Elizabeth (?Ballard, d/o John.) He was probably the third child and first son. Another son Thomas was born 1666. A Fifth child may have been Katherine (name of Richard's mother) Crissey, ?w/o John Crissey will probated Jan. 1, 1691/2, Henrico Co. Va. His widow was the executor with Richard Parker 2nd her security. Again we find Nicholas Perkins 2nd. an overseer. A Katherine Crissey married Francis Pierce bn. 1663. In Francis Pierce's will there was no mention of his wife or children. A William Parker married Lucy Turner d/o Abel in Henrico Co.: Possibly son of Dr. Richard Parker & Mary.
There was a close relative of Dr. Richard Parker's in Henrico Co. Richard Buller had a land patent in 1663. Again in 1670 Mr. Richard Buller and Thomas Batte had a patent for 378 acres. in Henrico Co. Richard Buller was the name of Richard Parker's Uncle and a cousin. Thomas Batte was from Yorkshire England, as were the Bullers and Parkers. Thomas Batte. Jr. Raced horses with Richard Parker 2nd at the Varina Track.
I have found much evidence that Dr. Parker and his son Richard Parker were considered in Upper Class and Gentlemen. The Patent of 1669 Richard Parker is called "Mr.", which is used in legal matters when they are considered Gentlemen. Both Richard Parkers served on Juries. Dr. Parker was a Sheriff. Their names in records with the upper Class names of Royal, Woodson, Thos. Batte, Epps, Llewelyn. Richard Parker, 2nd, raced horses on Varina Course from 1682-1701 several times against a noted horse belonging to Edward Hatcher. This excerpt from "COLONIAL JUSTICE IN VIRGINIA" by Chumbly:"Horseracin g was considered a sport, but was, in early years, considered a diversion only for the Gentry---as illustrated by the classic case in 1674 when one Bullock, a tailor, was fined by a County Court for racing his horse against the entry of a Physician, a sport only for Gentlemen." Middle of 18th century the sport became generally popular.
During Dr. Parker's years in Charles City Co., Va. he appeared in Court quite often This, too, was due to English Laws: Excerpt from "COLONIAL JUSTICE IN VIRGINIA"--" The Civil Law of England not adaptable to the Colony, due to existing economic differences between the two---debt was not confined to class. Some of the foremost citizens of the Colony were continually in debt (not necessarily through any fault of their own) on account of the economic structure of the community and because the trade balances strongly favored the English Merchants. It is doubtful if the public opinion ever fully justified the practice of imprisonment for a debt in Virginia. This became especially apparent after the passing of an Act requiring payment in kind (Money or Tobacco--as contracted, when a ruthless creditor could take advantage of the statute to ruin the debtor, although, not withstanding, it might have been impossible, at the time, to obtain the specie necessary for payment". This law later nullified. This explains why so often you find men in court with someone going their security for so many pounds of tobacco.
Dr. Parker was also in Court records concerning orphans of Nicholas Perkins. Orphans Court was held once a year in every County to compel Guardians to exhibit accounts of orphans estates, make such duties or regulations as might be necessary for the education of the orphans, or the preservation of their estate: and a court claims was held yearly for receiving propositions and grievances and entertaining public claims which were certified to the general assembly. Dr. Parker must have handled the orphan's estate quite well. Lydia must have received her estate when she married John Nowell, as there is no court record of her complaint. When Elizabeth became of age she stated her father-in-law had it for her, and she asked the Court to release it to her. Nicholas Jr. was pleased with Dr. Parker's care--shown by his making his free choice of Dr. Parker to continue his guardianship of him and his estate when they moved to Henrico Co. Va.
Another time he was called into Court was for giving a gun to an Indian, although it was against the law. To me this shows that Dr. Parker was not a man of prejudices. Perhaps this Indian was a friend of his, and was going hunting to get food for his family.
The records show Dr. Richard Parker to be an Upper-Class Man, A kind man, a man considerate of his family, and well thought of and trusted man in the community. He helped raise three stepchildren and six children of his own.
1. ?dau., ?Mary 1st wife of John Cannon.
2. ?dau., Susan, wife of Thomas Holmes & 2nd Robert Smith.
3. Richard Parker, Jr. bn. ca. 1659-60 Md. #1 Elizabeth ?Ballard (mother of his children. Md. #2 Myra (No issue).
4. ?dau. ?Katherine Md. #1 John Crissey. #2 Francis Pierce.
5. Thomas Parker Bn. 1666:Md. Mary, Wid. of Thos. Wells.
6. ?William Md. Lucy Turner d/o Abel.
Waunita Powell
407 Elm St.
This section Written May 1991. Paris, Ill. 6-1944
This is a story of Dr. Richard Parker of Browsholme, Yorkshire, England, Charles City Co., Virginia and Henrico Co. Va. I have followed one line of his family into Fleming Co., Ky, to Vigo Co., Indiana and into Edgar County, Illinois.
Dr. Richard Parker Married Mary Perkins, Widow of Nicholas in Charles City Co. Va. Ca. Aug. 1656.
Miss Isabel Lockard, of S. C. put me on the right track when she advised me that there were three Richard Parkers in Virginia at the same time.
Compiled 1988 by
Waunita Powell
407 Elm St. Paris, Ill. 6-1944
Thanks to Miss Isabel Lockard of S. C.
Thanks to Mr. Fred Booth of Alexandria, Va.
To both of these people I thank them because they helped me get out of a maze of errors that were only traditions.
Not tradition!
(I have now (1991) collected information concerning the three different Richard Parkers that I hope will help others in their research-with documentation) (put on computer 1993)
Parkers of Browsholme, Yorkshire England
(Ref: Va. Mag. Hist. & Bio.-Genealogies Vol 5 Pg. 442)
The following extract from an old common-place book now at Browsholme, the old home of the Parker family in Yorkshire, may interest some of that name now in Virginia. Major John Parker, of Browsholme, near Clitheroe, England, a distinguished retired officer of the British Army, has kindly sent it to us. We append a good deal of information as to the Virginia Parkers, and will be glad to receive additional notes:
"Septemb'r ye 1st, 1673 Will Parker, Arch Deacon of Cornwall & Justice of Peace of ye same County, was second brother of Tho. Parker of Browsholme, Esq'r, who went from Browsholme into Cornwall about ye are 1580, who he married it is not known, but her Christian name was Joane, (Note: Joane Panchard) and was a mighty thrifty provident woman and ye said Will: had two sonnies, James and Will:, and his house is called Traugoe in ye parish of Wartegin, in Cornwall, about 16 miles of Launston, ye size towne of ye said county: James, his eldest sonne, was married to Katterren, eldest daughter of Sir Richard Buller, of Shillingham, in ye said county, her porcon was 2500 lbs., ye s'd Buller beinge a man 7000 lbs. p. annum: Will ye younger brother, parson of Stoacke in Cornwall, ye parsonage being worth 300 lbs. p. an., who was never married.
James had by ye said Katterren Buller 21 children, viz;
1. Katteren, ye eldest, died young.
2. Allice, ye 2nd, married Mr. Smith, a Lawyer of Linneowe in S'nt Niot p'ish, had issue 2 daughters.
3. Will Parker, ye 3d child, was married to Major Syks’ daughter, and had porcon 2500 lbs., and had issue 15 children Viz: Will., Robt., the rest are daughters, and is yet a childbearing woman, ye said Will: doth live in Tregrite in St. Maybias Parrish in ye said county, being 7 miles from Treugoe, his father's home: there hath been suites betwixt his father and him which hath empared the estate.
4. Katterren, ye 4th child of ye above James died about 7 years of age.
5. Robert, ye 5th child, was a prentice in London, and died within half a year yt he came from his prenteship.
6. James, ye 6th child, Captain of a foote Company, died about 35 years of age.
7. Cordelia, ye 7th child, was married to Mr. Father, parson of Stoacks in Cornwall, and had issue 3 children.
8. Anthony, ye 8 child, died young.
10. Mary, ye 10th, married Mr. Lower, of Biefindte in ye parrish of Wartegin in s'd County.
11. Francis, ye 11th was prentice in London to Mr. Threvenhir, a Linninge Draper in Cheapside; served about four years of his time & then Colonel Sulker in ye Duke of York's Regiment of foote and is Clarke of ye said Company (added in a later hand) afterwards slayne in ye engagement betwixt ye Dutch and us, haveinge both his legs shott of upon w'ch he immediately died.
12. Jane, ye 12th, a maid and lives w'th her father at Traugoe.
13. George, ye 13, prentice to a wollings draper at Hunginton 12 myles of Exeter: went from there into Virginy.
14. Eliz., ye 14, did about 14 yeares of age.
15. Jo., ye 15, Master of Arts at Oxf'd and Minister of Milo in Cornwall; married ye widdow of Justice Trevenhir and had issue by her one sone.
16. Joan, ye 16, Married Mr. Nicolls, Minister of Larrick in Cornwall: had issue 2 daus.
17. The 17, still borne.
18/19 The 18 & 19, died unchristened.
20. Rowland, ye 20th, is a Corporall in Prince Ruperd's Regiment of Dragonnes: Sir Jo. Tabot is Leiuetenant Colonell James Walker his Captin, now quartered at Hull, who gave this information at Browsholme, 1673, Sep. ye 1st.
21. Katteren, ye 21st, married to one Mr. Bray, a Shopkeeper in London at ye Signe of ye Cap in hand at ye back syde of S'nt Clemans, and hath issue one daughter. Since removed to ye Maypole in ye Strand.
(Ref: Va. Mag. of History and Biography Vol. 5 p.442)
Dr. Richard Parker was the son of James Parker, Knt. (1590‑1672) & Katterren Buller Parker (1600-1686). Dr. Parker was Christened Nov. 29, 1630 in Warlegon, Cornwall, Eng. Dr. Parker's brother, Rowland, states the following: "Richard, ye 9th, Dr. Of Physicke went to Virginy, married a Londoner & had issue six children. Liveth upon S't James River in ye Uplands of Virginy & hath been High Sherife of ye s'd County."
"Dr. of Phyzicke" Went to Virginy"
Charles City Co. Records 1655-1665.
Capt. Francis Morgan (1600-1657), of Wales was recorded as having received 510 acs. in Glocester Co., Va. July 27, 1652 for transporting ten people to Virginia. Among the ten was Richard Parker, Robert Burton, William Porter. All three later found in Henrico Co. Va. Also a John Parker that died in Charles City Co. Va. W.P. 1678. His wife was Ann. I have found no relationship with Dr. Richard Parker. Capt. Morgan had a previous patent in Charles City Co., Va.
Court of Westover, Apr. 21, 1656 Dr. Richard Parker was given order by the Court to perfect the cure of the leg of John Matthews that he had treated two years.
June 22, 1656 Charles City Co. Va. I found William Fisher had indentured himself to Richard Parker, Cheurgeon, for two years ten months to learn the profession of Dr. Richard Parker.
Wm. Fisher, Richard Parker and Margaret Crews had witnessed the will of John Rowen, dated 1662, in Henrico Co. Va. This was the first evidence of his being in Henrico Co. Va.
"Married a Londoner" (Note: after going to Virginy)
Nicholas Perkins bn. ca. 1614 Bedfordshire, Eng. (D.A.C. record) Married 1st. Elizabeth Harding d/o John. Lydia and Elizabeth were of this marriage. Nicholas Perkins was transported to Va. 1641 by Bryant Smith. Lydia Perkins was bn. ca. 1641. Elizabeth Perkins was born ca. 1643. Nicholas Perkins and his wife, Mary, had their son Nicholas Perkins Jr. Christened Oct. 11, 1649 at Stepney St. Dunsten in London, England. Nicholas Perkins land patent Aug. 3 1650 in Bermuda Hundred-4 headright. Listed was Mary Perkins, Wm. Owen and Richard Hughes. The fourth would have been their infant son, Nicholas Perkins, Jr.(found on LDS Microfich of Eng) July 31, 1656, The Engagement:( Charles City Co., Va. Records Pg. 62) This present writing witnesseth that I, Richard Parker, do freely give consent to and with Mary Perkins that she shall make unto herself all the estate which her late dec'd husband, left her by his will doth appe' both here and in England, and further I do enjoyne myself to bring her children up to the learning to the true intent and meaning hereof. I, the said Richard Parker, hereunto set my hand, dated this last day of July 1656. Signed Rich'd Parker. Test-Richard Delabere. Recorded Sept. 5, 1656.
Sept. Primo 1656 Westover Court, Charles City Co. Va.Recs. Pg. 67. Probate of the last will and testament of Nicholas Perkins, dec"d this day proved in Court is granted Richard Parker, who married the relict of the said deceased.
Mar. 17, 1656/7 Charles City Co. Records. Pg. 87.
Whereas I, Richard Parker, Churegeon, did......freely consent and agree to the signing and belonging to my now wife Mary Parker. Now know ye that I the said Richard Parker for divers good causes...(?and considerations? ) freely confirm the said deed and freely make over unto my said wife all the crops that her two boys, or servants, shall make this ensuing year and after so long as they have to serve or any other things or servants which shall be sent from her father at any time or times whatsoever to have and to hold as her own property and free the sd. two servants with goods or servants already sent out, to be sent unto my said wife unto her forever without any let or hindrance of me the sd. Richard Parker---in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Mar. 17, 1656/7. Wit: Daniel Llewellyn, John Aste. Rec. April 15, 1657. (the two boys, or servants, are not sons, but indentured servants sent to Mary, probably by her father).
Charles City Co. Va. Aug. 2, 1659. Records Pg. 192 (Sale/Lease)
This indenture the second day of August 2, 1659 between Richard Parker of the Parish of Westover in the community of Charles City in Va., Chururgeon, of the one part and John Beauchamp of the place aforesaid, Merchant.... .(Richard Parker sells and then leases his plantation at "Diggs His Hundred"-110 acres) in parish aforesaid. Sn'd Rich. Parker. Wit. Edward Hill, Jr., Thomas Stegg, John Holmwood . Cl. Howell Pryce. Rec. Aug. 6, 1659.
"Hath been Sherife of sd. County"
Charles City Co. Records Pg. 232 Apr. 3, 1660. Deposition.
I, Richard Parker age 31, or thereabout exaed & sworn saith that having brought the warrant from Capt. Edward Hill for contempt of Wm. Hunt to appear before him, the Dept' del'vd the said warrant to said Hunt in presence of Thomas Davis and another man and sd Hunt instead of---Etc.(The people when they gave their age in this era would give their age followed by "or thereabout" or "about", which meant, for example, as Richard Parker---he had passed his 30th birthday and was in his 31st year. (Thereabout- "about or near that place or time".) Richard Parker was probably born in the month of Nov. His Uncle Samuel was born Aug. 8th 1619 and Christened Aug. 29th. Richard's sister Katherine was Bn. Apr. 7th 1618 and Christened Apr. 9th. She died 1620.
Charles City Co., Va. Court Records Pg. 499.
Sept. 15, 1664 Orphans Court---The Clerk of Court is appointed to request Court of Henrico Co. to take security of Richard Parker for the estate and education of the two younger children of Nicholas Perkins, deceased, and satisfy the security is taken to the Cort (sic) whereby they may be discharged from, sd estate.
(this is the evidence that Dr. Richard Parker moved to Henrico Co. Va. with his family from Charles City Co.)(His plantation in Charles City Co. was also near the James River.
"Liveth Upon S'nt James River"
October 29, 1669 Henrico Co. Va. Pat. Bk. 6 Pg. 279 Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nugent. Mr. Richard Parker Land Pat. 350 acs. N. S. James River on head of Four Mile Cr. Beg. at Haradox Path. H.R. 7 Gilbert Platt, Jno Norris, Jno. Harding, Eleanor Creed, Joan Snelling, two negroes.
"Uplands of Virginy"
Henrico Parish Book:
Nathanial Bacon & John Watkins appointed processioners of precinct #3--All between Chickahominy Swamp & Upland (Usuum) Brook.
1739 the Bacon District.
1755 The processioning of 1755 records that the line of Benjamin Burton were not reviewed in both the third and eighth precinct. In that year the third precinct comprised "All between Chickahominy Swamp and Upland District.
Brook Bridge was a major crossing by the road running North from the Site of Richmond over the stream Variously called "Aughnam", "Ufnam","Upland Brook" in Pioneer days, and now known as Brook Cr. Brook Creek is a tributary of the Chickahominy Riv.
Still on the map as "Upham", in the area of Brook Road. Dr. Richard Parker's Pat. in 1669 was in this area. Swamp in those times did not mean what it does today. It was a pasture land with streams. Good for pasturing cattle.
This was a section of Henrico Co. where three streams, Cornelious Cr., Four Mile Cr. and White Oak Swamp have their sources not far from one another, became to be known as "South Side of Chickahominy Swamp (Riv.)"
June 6, 1679 Henrico Co. Va.
Tithes taken in Henrico Co. to outfit men and horse. These tithes registered men over 16 in household and male and female slaves. Richard Parker was listed in Varina with two males in Household. Nicholas Perkins was his neighbor with only one male of the age, himself. The last reference of Richard Parker is the deed of Thomas Holmes selling 150 acs. of a dividend of land formerly belonging to Richard Parker, Sr. to John Pledge.
His name is on the following, but it is probably a longer standing transaction, since it is settling of an estate.
Oct. 1679 Henrico Co., Va.
In estate records of Lt. Co. Richard Cocke: list of names owing to estate in estate owing them, the list included Dr. Parker, Wm. Porter, John Beauchamp, Thos. Stegg, Joseph Eyre and William Humphrey.(Wm Porter was a headright with Dr. Parker in 1652 for Capt. Francis Morgan). ( Joseph Eyre's daughter, Jane married Guillaume Fouquett, and William Humphrey was Joseph's father‑in‑law all ancestors of this writer).
Feb. 1679\80 Henrico Co., Va.
A deed of Thomas Holmes Feb. 1679/80 in Henrico Co. VA. sold 150 acs to John Pledge--"A divident of 350 acs. of land formerly taken up by Richard Parker, Sr. on the North Side of James River". Later Nicholas Perkins purchased 150 acres from John Pledge. This may have been the land formerly belonging to his stepfather.
John Pledge's daughter, Ester, bn. 1663 married John Cannon bn. 1643. 1689 Richard Parker 2nd gave a deed gift of a cow calf to John Cannon 2nd, a minor. It was to be kept by John Cannon Sr. and his wife, Ester. This deed was called "an assignment" (meaning in law: a. "the transference of right, interest, or title or the instrument of transfer." b. "a transference of property to assignees for the benefit of creditors." John Cannon was security of Richard Parker 2nd when he administered the estate of John Ballard Feb. 1691/2. Nicholas Perkins was named overseer in John Cannon's will. All of this seems to me to indicate a family relationship, which leads me to believe that John Cannon's first wife was a sister to Richard Parker 2nd and half-sister to Nicholas Perkins.
When John Crissey made his will Jan. 1691/2 he, too, named Nicholas Perkins as Overseer, and Richard Parker was one of the securities for the Widow, (? Katherine), to administer the will Katherine, a daughter, Md. by Jan. 1, 1697/8 Francis Pierce bn. 1663. John Crissey’s Wife was Elizabeth.
Was Elizabeth Dr. Richard Parker’s dau. and Katherine named for his mother?
In wills I have noticed that when there is a child, or children, by a former marriage there will be someone listed to look after the 2nd wife's interest and, also one of the children's relatives to look after their interest.
This is a list of children that I believe may be Richard and Mary Parkers. Of course, Richard Parker 2nd is very certain. I also think anyone will be certain of Thomas when they read the later deeds in this collection:
Richard Parker Md. probably Aug. 1656 Charles City Co. Va. Mary Perkins, Widow of Nicholas.
"hath issue 6 children"
1. ?Dau., Mary? 1st wife of John Cannon bn. 1643.
2. Richard Parker bn. ca. 1659-60; W. P. 1726/7 Henrico Co. Va. md. #1 Elizabeth Ballard-died after Jan. 1716\7, probable d/o John. Mother of his children. Md. #2 Myra_____.
(no doubt that Richard is a son)
3. ?Susan Md. #1 Thomas Holmes. Md. #2 Robert Smith.
4. ?Elizabeth md. #1 John Crissey.
5. Thomas bn. 1666; Md. 1697 Mary Wells, Widow of Thomas.
6. ??William Md. Lucy Turner, d/o Abel W.P. Jan. 1734 Henrico Co. Va.
It is interesting to note that Richard Parker was about the same age as his father, James, when he married Katherine Buller.
My Lineage:
Richard Parker, Planter.
W.D. Feb, 27, 1726/7: W.P. Mar. 6, 1726/7 Henrico Co., Va.
Exector: Son, Richard.
Wit: Thomas (TO) Owen, Robert Woodson, Jr.
(Wm. Owen was listed in same headrights as Mary Perkins for Nicholas Perkins Sr., and a Thomas Owen on some deeds of family).
Md. #1 Elizabeth (?Ballard, d/o John)died after Jan. 7, 1716/17: Md. #2 Mirha (Myra).
1. Ann Md. b/f Jan. 7, 1716/7 James Daniel. Inv. May 21, 1734 Goochland Co. Va.
2. Elizabeth Md. b/f Jan. 7, 1716/7 Wm. Atkinson at St. John Parish.
3. Mary Md. b/f Jan. 7, 1716/7 Lewis Jenkins of Saint James Parish Henrico Co., Va.
4. Richard Parker bn. ca. 1700: W.P. 1782 Halifax Co. Va.: Md. Judith,?d/o Benjamin Watson?
Richard Parker, of Cumberland Co. Va. Surveyor and Planter.
W. D. Nov. 15, 1781: W.P. May 16, 1782 Halifax Co., Va.
Wit: Evan Ragland, Moses Blackwelll, Richard Parker.
Administer:Dau. , Mary.
Md. by Nov. 18, 1735 Judith (?d/o Benjamin Watson).
1. William bn. 1723-5: W.D. Aug. 24, 1755/6: Md. Drucilla Colquitt ca. 1748, d/o Anthony Colquitt and first wife, probably named Sarah. Drucilla's W.P. 1806 Halifax Co., Va. William's father, Richard, deeded 100 acs in Cumberland Co., Va. to William stating "Desirous of seeing _?___ settled". William died about 26 years before his father.
2. Richard W.D. Apr. 12, 1791: W.P. July 24, 1797 Halifax Co. Va. Md. Francis Wooldridge, d/o Thomas.
3. Elizabeth "Betty" Finch. (?Henry Finch W.P. 1774 Halifax Co. Va.
4. Benejah\Benjamin Parker (May be named for Judith's father).
5. Mary Parker--no evidence that she married.
6. Judith Hubbard.
William Parker.
Bn. ca. 1723-5: W.D. Aug. 24, 1755: W.P. Mar. 22 1755/6 Cumberland Co. Va.
Wit: Anthony Colquitt, Richard Daniel, Lawrence Smith and Anthony Christian.
Exect: Wife and father, Richard Parker, and Brother, Richard Parker, Jr.: Wm. Md. ca. 1748 Drucilla Colquitt, W.P. 1806 Halifax Co. Va. d/o Anthony and ?Sarah. (Anthony md. #2 Christian Terry, d/o Daniel) (Dricilla's first name was probably Martha--This seems to be her name in tax list of Halifax, and her granddaughter was Martha Drucilla Terry)
1. Elizabeth bn. Aug. 23, 1749: died prior to her husband.
Md. ca. 1767 Benjamin Terry 2nd. W.P. 1817 Pittsylvania Co. Va., s/o Benjamin Terry and Elizabeth Irby.
2. Daniel bn. ca. 1751: W.P. Apr. 10, 1809 Halifax Co. Va.W.B.8 Pg. 116. Ex. Wife, Mary Ann Parker, and brother, William Parker. Wit. Geo. Kent, Arche'd Grant, Sally Parker.
Md. Mar. 15, 1781 Mary Ann Easly, d/o Daniel W.P. 1786 Halifax Co. Va.
3. Obadiah bn. ca. ?1752: W.B. 11 Pg. 538 Halifax Co. VA.: W.P. Sept. 18, 1777 Halifax Co., Va.: Unmarried.
4. William Md. ?Sarah? : ch. Probable Elizabeth, Christian, John B. and James.
(Drucilla's W.P. 1806: Exect. and heir son, William Parker: Wit. Thos. Ballow, Elizabeth Parker, Sally Parker, Christian Parker.)
Benjamin Terry Jr. and Elizabeth Parker had several children. Among them was Martha Drucilla Bn. Aug. 30, 1771, Pittsy. Co., Va.:d.Jan. 22, 1857 "Old Age" in Fleming Co., Ky. She married Dec. 15, 1794 David F.Fuqua in Pittsy. Co. Va.: Bn ca. 1773 Va.: d. Jan. 26, 1794 "Old Age" Fleming Co., Ky., s/o Moses Fuqua and Judith Woodson, a descendant of John and Sarah Winston Woodson (On Ship George 1619). Moses Fuqua s/o William s/o Guillaume Fouquett and Jane Eyre/Ayer, d/o Joseph and Margaret Humphrey Eyer/Ayer. Margaret d/o William Humphrey. (you will note that some of these are names listed on settlement of estate of Lt. Col. Richard Cocke in Henrico Co. Va., with Dr. Parker. Guillaume Fouquett's name is also in the will of Thomas Cocke..
Among the several children of David and Drucilla Terry Fuqua was Washington R. Fuqua, who married Rebecca Wilson, d/o Andrew.
Obadiah Fuqua (1797-1873: Md. Margaret Wilson, d/o Andrew: David Parker Fuqua (1804-1885), married Isabel Wilson, d/o Andrew. Sons of Andrew Wilson first made the trip into Indiana and Illinois, and returned to Kentucky to convince their three sisters and their husbands to follow them back to Indiana and Illinois. Washington was the last to come. He is buried in Rose Hill Cem. in Sandford, Indiana, Vigo Co., just across the border of Edgar Co., Ill.
Washington (1799-1878) and Rebecca Wilson Fuqua's son, Obadiah Woodson Fuqua (1829-1906 Edgar Co. Ill) Md. Dec. 8, 1849 Fleming Co., Ky. Nancy Rice (1829-1901 Edgar Co. Ill.) d/o ?Henry Rice.
Among the children of Obadiah and Nancy Rice Fuqua was Mary Francis Fuqua, "Molly" (1855-1930 Edgar Co., Ill) Md. Oct. 17, 1877 Edgar Co., Ill. Benjamin F. Myers (Filtzmyer) (1853-1931 Paris, Ill.) s/o Jonas F. Myers, s/o Michael F. s/o Johanne Filtzmeyer and Susannah ?Roush).
Benjamin F. Myers and "Molly" had three daughters. Their daughter Jessie Tranqua Md. James Hill s/o Jefferson s/o William & Sarah, s/o William Hill and Anna Searcy Hill.
James W. Hill Bn Oct. 19, 1873 Ind.:d. Apr. 2, 1942 Edgar Co. Ill.: Md. Dec. 27, 1905 Jessie Tranqua Myers-had Issue: Cecil Faye Hill, Oma Ruth Hill, Iva Mae Hill, Vera Hill, Francis Louise Hill, Norval Augusta Hill.
Cecil bn. Nov. 1906, d. July 1961 Edgar Co. Ill.: Md. 1924 Don Frye bn. 1900: d. Mar. 14 1985 Melbourne, Florida. Bur. Edgar Co. Ill. Divorced.
Don Frye s/o William Frye and Mary Jeanetta Meadows d/o John Meadows and Nancy Sophronia Williams d/o Joseph Addison Williams of Jamestown, New York. s/o Simeon.
Cecil md. #2 Everett Carroll-no issue: Don Md. #2 Adeline Crum. #3 Cecile Veach Washburn-no issue by last two wives. Cecil and Don had one child, F. Waunita Frye, bn. July 28, 1925: Md. Mar. 16, 1946 Herschel Powell, s/o Jess Phillippe Powell and Ethel J. Quinn. At age 21 Jess Phillippe went A.W.O.L. and changed his name to Powell. He was s/o James Martin Phillippe and El Bedie Ragsdale, of Sullivan Co., Ind.
Herschel and Waunita Frye Powell had issue:
Randy E. Powell bn. Oct. 15, 1947: Md. #1 Mary Jo Harney-Div. no issue.
Md. #2 Patricia Mooneyham. Had Rhanada Powell and Lance Phillippe Anthony Powell.
Janine L. Powell bn. Nov. 15, 1949: Md. Laural Brann--Div. had Christopher Wayne Brann and Kimberly D. Brann.
Karen S. Powell bn. Jan. 26, 1952: Md. #1 Kenneth Parish, Div.: Md. #2 Kirk Hoult. Karen had issue: Amie Parish and Cassandra Hoult. Live in Appleton, Wisc.div. because of cruelty to Karen. Md. #3 Tim Henry in Indpls Ind.
Brent L. Powell bn. June 2, 1957: Md. #1 Danita Boren had Trent B. Powell, Div.:He said his fault.
Md. #2 Sherry Hale had issue Jessie Lynn Powell and son, Julian Phillippe Powell. Div. she cheated with several men. Md. #3 Catina Heck of Terre Haute and had Tyler and Stepdau. Taylor.
Waunita Powell
407 Elm St. Paris, Ill.
First written 1988: Put on computer 1993.
Nansemond\Nansemund Co. Va. Records nearly completely destroyed.
Richard Parker of Nansemond Co.
(?Item:Richard Parker bn. ca. 1624: Md. 1654 Suffolk Co. Va.(Nansemond Co.) (I found this in LDS reel I think it was reel 031763 1677-1692, but do not know if it is this Richard Parker. It is not Dr. Richard Parker nor is it Richard Parker of Surry Co. It does fit into the age bracket of 1620-25 that I believe this Richard was born in.) He had a grandson, Thomas, old enough to patent land in 1690. Richard Parker died ca. 1680.
Wife unknown; Someone should look in the Francis Mauldin family.
It has been claimed that Richard Parker's wife was Elizabeth Baily d/o Capt. Richard Baily. The Accomac Co. Va. records prove the error of this. Elizabeth Baily's husband,Phillip, was still alive 1695 in Accomac Co. Va., as told earlier in this collection.
Known Issue:
1. Thomas Parker, the eldest.
2. Richard Parker.
3. Son, Francis Parker All I know of Francis is he had a son Francis, Jr.
No hint in records of any other children.
Dr. Richard Parker Ch. 1630 had 6 ch. by 1673.
To all ye whereas ye now know that I the said Richard Bennett, Esq. do give and grant unto Mr. Richard Parker four hundred acs. of land situate on or being on the Southern Branch of Nansemund River beg. at a marked White Oak and to running for breadth East North East two hundred poles to a marked Gum butting on the land of Wm. Wright and again for the length and again the length South East three hundred and twenty poles to a marked tree and again for breadth West South West four hundred poles to a marked Gum and for a length N. N. W. 320 P. joining to his own land to the first mentioned marked tree. The said land being due unto sd Richard Parker by and for trans.: 8 pers. into this Colony to have and to hold yielding and paying which payment is to be made. Dated 5th of Oct. 1654. (Note that this Richard Parker already had land)
I, personally, believe this Richard Parker belongs to the family of Thomas and/or William Parker on Dumplin Creek in Nansemond Co. Va. His oldest son seems to be Thomas. (Could he be named for Thomas on Dumplin Cr.?) Something to think about.
His youngest son seems to have been Francis. Could Richard have married a daughter of Francis Mauldin s/o Grace Mauldin Parker Loyd? It was customary to name a son for the wife's father. As you will see the deeds I enclose, Francis Mauldin was in the area of Dumplin Creek. I have not searched for the Mauldin lineage, but this will give others something to think about and work on.
Things that may be of help to Nansemond Parker Researchers:
Early Child Immigrants 1619-42.
Wm. Parker brought by Constable Quayl, Without Cripplegate for Virginia--Kept to goe to Virginia--Sept. 26, 1618.
John Bush 1624 300 acs Kieoughton (Elizabeth City). One of his headrights was William Parker bn. ca. 1604.
John Carter Dec. 22, 1643 received 300 acs. in Nansemond Co. adj. to Wm. Tucker and Thomas Dew for 6 H.R. Morgan Williams, Richard Parker, Robert Pierce, Thomas Norice, Israel Harris, Hen. Bartholomew.
Note: same listing-different spelling.
Lawrence Peeters: Pat. Bk. 1 Pg. 85: 300 acs. in Nansemond Co. June 17, 1647 upon head Br. of NW Br. of Nansemum River called Indian Cr. Adj. to Wm. Story, John Garwood. Trans. 6.:Morgan Williams, Richard Parker, Robert Price, Thomas Norris, Israel Harris, Hen. Bertholemewe.
Cavaliers & Pioneers by N. Nugent-abstracts show the following people neighbors to John Carter and also neighbors to Richard Parker of Nansemond Co and his family: Wm. Tucker, Thomas Dew, Randall Crews, Geo. Spivy (neighbor to Thomas Dew and mentioned in abstracts of L.P of Francis Parker), Thomas Hampton, Thos. Harrow (, and Mr. Wright.
John Carter to receive a land patent in 1643 had to have Richard Parker as a headright earlier. Dr. Richard Parker s/o James was Christened Nov. 29, 1630 in England. He would have been much too young to have been a headright of Mr. Carter. Rowland Parker, brother of Dr. Richard Parker, seems to say he was a Physician before he went to Virginia. We must remember that to receive a Patent you had to get it surveyed clear off ground, etc. A wait of at least three years to see that the headright became a settler. That would seem to make Richard Parker of Nansemond Co. Va. in the County by 1640, at least.
Richard Parker of Nansemond Co. Pat. land 1654 adjoining his own. According to Charles City Co. Records 1655-1665 Dr. Richard Parker was in Court records of 1656. This record said he had been treating the leg of a man for two years and ordered to cure him or pay back the money collected. This record puts Dr. Richard Parker in Charles City Co. Va. by and in 1654.
(I do wish to make clear, my purpose in these records is to show the three different Richard Parkers. When it comes to the lineages of the Nansemond and Surry Co. Parkers you must recheck for documentation of your lines--of them I give only rough information. )
Richard Parker of Nansemond.
Ref. Pat. Bk. 3 Pg. 371.
To all ye whereas ye now know you that I the said Richard Bennett Esq. do give and grant unto Mr. Richard Parker four hundred Acres of land situate & or being on the Southern branch of Nansemond River beginning at a marked White Oak and to running for breadth E.N.E. two hundred poles to a marked Gum butting on the land of Mr. William Wright and again for length and again for length S.S.E. three hundred and twenty poles to a marked tree and again for breadth W.S.W. four hundred poles to a marked Gum and for length N.N.W. three hundred and twenty poles joyning to his own land to the first mentioned marked tree. The said land being due unto the said Richard Parker by and for the transportation of Eight persons into this colony to have and to hold yielding and paying which payment is to be made. Dated the fifth of Oct. 1654.
The above land was regranted Mar. 18th 1662 by Sir William Berkley Knt, Governor to Richard Parker. This time the land is mentioned as butting lands of ?Wm./Lewis Wright. (Regrants were usually a resurvey of land boundaries that are in dispute.)
Feb. 24, 1675/6 To all whereas now know--Etc. grant to Richard Parker 100 acs. in Nans. Co. at Hoods Neck on S. Br. Adjoining other land of sd. Parker: beg. at a mouth of small Island of Woodland and running up main Br. N.W. till it turns the point of Marsh and the runs W. or near about Br. passing by Woodland S.E. Woodside to mk'd trees of sd Parker to point near the marsh and butting on land of Thomas Parker thence to formers land---sm. cr. Gut running to mouth. H. R. 2. ( this deed shows Richard Parker's son Thomas as already owning land. He must have been born in or before 1654 or 5. which helps to establish his age) (Dr. Richard Parker of Charles City Co and Henrico Co. Va. was married Aug. 1656 and now it can be proven that Elizabeth Baily was never his first or second wife.)Later information sent to me about the trial shows her husband’s name was Phillip Parker.
Va. Pat. Bk. 9 Pg. 93-4
Now know ye that I the sd Sir Henry Chisheley, Knt. his Maj'ys Depty Gov. do give and grant unto Thomas, Richard, and Francis the three sons of Richard Parker dec'd 1420 acs of land on the marsh adj., lying and being in the Southern Br. of Nansemund beginning at a Red Oak standing on a point to the Northward of Craney Cr. mouth and opposite to a small Island called Craney Isle, alias "Crains Enhancing" thence running down by the main Br. side according to several curvings and windings of sd Br. till it comes to a great decayed white oak standing a little above Creeks mouth which is called "Parkers Cr." Thence S.E. Crossing over sd cr. twice and extending 320 P. to John Small his own White Oak thence S. W. 184 P. to a small White Oak being the beg. head of the Cross Swamp Pat. and runs due course of sd Pat. First E.N.E. 200 P. to a small Gum thence S.S.E. 320
P. to a small Ash Gum standing by a branch being in the headline of Hood Neck Pat. thence S.W. by W. 146 P. to a White Oak standing by and towards head of Craney Cr. thence down by or nigh sd Cr. side to mouth thereof and thence as the Southern Br. runs down to the first mentioned Red Oak including the sd quantity 300 acs as hereof being formerly granted unto Randall Crews by pat. dated Sept. 9, 1648, all which by deeds surrendered became the proper right of Richard Parker Sr., dec'd and 400 acs. more of sd land formerly granted sd Richard Parker Sr. by Pat. Mar. 18, 1662 and one hundred acs. more being Marsh also formerly granted to 1675-6. All Which by the sd Pat. and their fathers will being Richard Parker and of the now patentee by pat. dated Feb. 24, now the right and in possession of the said Thomas, Richard, and Francis Parker the 160 ac. residue being overplus lands and marsh found to be contained in the said bounds and due by me for the transportation of four pers. Apr. 23, 1681-Ann Crosdell, Geo. Dobson Wm. Hindlly, Thomas Northern.
Please check the addendum for corrections made of the Nansemund Co. Parkers by Ray Fouts.
Most of the abstracts of land patents in this collection are found in Cavaliers and Pioneers by N. Nugent. You may send for full patents if you wish, or send for microfilm records through the Latter Day Sts. This is where I got most of my information, especially on Richard Parker of Charles City Co. and Henrico Co. Va. Some of the information on Richard Parker of Nansemond I received in letters from Helen Peyton when we were corresponding.
She has reached a different conclusion than I. I would suggest you read her book and come to your own conclusions to these two Richard Parkers.
William Parker London Merchant. Ref. Maryland Genealogies and Virginia Mag. of History.
Grace Md. #1 Francis Maulden had a son Francis Maulden Jr.
Grace died after Oct. 14, 1697. She Married #2 William Parker
of Stepney, A London Merchant. Dec'd By Oct. 18, 1680.
Md. #3 Edward Loyd, as his 3rd wife. His #1 wife was Alice Crouch
and #2 Francis Watkins wid. of John.
Issue of Grace:
Francis Maulden
Elizabeth Parker Md. Ca. 1681 Henry Buckerfield.
William Parker Jr.
A William Parker was a grantee of the Virginia Company in 1609, "an Old Sea Captain of Elizabeth’s Time", and commander of Anne Arundal Co. Maryland.
"Francis Maulden, carpenter, making incendiary speeches against Lord Baltimore at the time of Puritan uprising, did not represent "the Lower Classes", as Dr. C. M. Andrews asserts. Maulden was the son of Grace Parker proven by her will 1697. His stepfather Parker was a member of Hamburg Company. (There was a firm called "John Hambury & Company about 1650) His second stepfather, Edw. Loyd was the leader of the Virginia-Maryland Puritans.(Ref: Maryland Gen.)
Maryland Genealogies:
The third wife of Edward Lloyd was Mrs. Grace Parker, widow of William Parker Senr. of Stepney. 18 October 1680, Edward Lloyd of the Parish of Whitechapel Middlesex, and Grace his wife, and Elizabeth Parker of the same Place, spinster, give to Samuel Lane of Anne Arundel Co., Md., and Francis Mauldin, also of Maryland, a power of attorney to receive what is due them from the estate of William Parker late of the Cliffs deceased (Prov. Court, Lib. W. R. C. No. 1, Fol. 207) 11 August 1681, Edward Lloyd late of the Parish of Stepney, but now of the Parish of St. Mary, Whitechapel, in the county of Middlesex, and Grace his wife, late widow and sole executrix of William Parker Senr. late of Stepney, and Henry Buckerfield of London, Woodmonger, and Elizabeth his wife, only daughter of said William Parker Senr., and sister and heir at law of William Parker, Junr., late of the Cliffs in Maryland casually (i.e. Through accident) deceased, who was the only son and heir at law of the said William Parker Senr., give a power of attorney to Samuel Lane, Chirurgeon, and Francis Mauldin, planter, both of the Province of Maryland (Ibid., fol. 209). Mrs. Grace Lloyd survived her husband. 14 October, 1697 Grace Lloyd of London widow, relict and executrix of Edward Lloyd, formerly of the Province of Maryland, planter, but since of the Parish of St. Mary Whitechapel, in the County of Middle Sex, Merchant, assigns to her kinsman Richard Bennett of Maryland, all debts due her in Maryland, for the consideration of 5 shillings and love and affection (ibid., fol. 838). So far as is known Edward Lloyd had issue only by his first wife Alice Crouch--a son Col. Philemon Lloyd bn. 1646; d. 22 June, 1685.
Virginia Historical Mag.--Edward Loyd was justice of Lower Norfolk in 1645, and Burgess for that county in Feb. 1644-5 and Oct. 1646. Shortly after this, he joined the Puritan Colony which removed from Virginia to Maryland: became a prominent and wealthy man there. He had a brother, Cornelious bn. 1608.
Prior to 1637--Western branch of Elizabeth River---William Julian, a landowner on Eastern and Western Branches Elizabeth River. His first dividend was on S.S. James River toward Jordans Journey next to Taylor and Parker---Group on Western Branch composed of Wm. Julian, Edward Loyd, his brother, Cornelious Loyd, and Owen: Ewen, Parker, Bennett, Maulden, Brice, Wright, Brown, Fleetwood, Parrot (next to Bennett.)
Cavaliers & Pioneers-Nugent.
Francis Malden 400 ac. at Nansmund Riv. N.S. abutting S.E. on the Island "commonly called Dumplin Island". Due 50 acs. for his own personal adventure and of his wife, Katherine and 300 acs for Trans. 6 pers. Jos. Pitloe, Robert Sutton, Barbary Barnes, Hump. Brown, Francis Hutchison, Wm. Parry, by West. Nov. 26, 1636.
Dec. 23, 1636 Epaprodities Lawson 200 acs. joyning upon Wm. Parker's land E.N.W. upon Nansemund. H.R. John Depple, Wm. Ewen, Richard Williams, John Smith. (doubtful:This Wm. Parker settled at "Cliffs" in Maryland. His father was William Parker of London, a Merchant. His widow mother, Grace Md. #3 Edward Loyd--Will recorded in England and Maryland. Edward was of Elizabeth Riv. Parish, Va.) (Ref.: Wm. & M. Qtly Ser. #2 V.5 Pg. 244)
Thomas Dew(1600-1677) Md. Elizabeth Bennett d/o Richard. A Richard Bennett was a Kin of Grace Maulden Parker Loyd, and Thomas Dew was neighbor of Richard Parker of Nans. Co. and his family.
Thomas Dew was a member of the House of Burgesses, April 1642, for Nansemond (when styled "Captain"), in April, 1652, November 1652 (when styled "Colonel," and was Speaker), June 1653, November, 1654, and was elected to the Council in March, 1655. This shows Thomas Dew remained in Nans. Co., contrary to the assumption of some genealogies. And is not Thomas Drew below.
This is not the Thomas Drew who received a Pat. in Charles City Co. Va. June 4, 1657 (a regrant of Oct. 26, 1650 and regranted again Mar. 26, 1666. (Ref. Pat. Bk. 2 Pg. 268 and Pat. Bk. 4 Pg. 99.) Dr. Richard Parker had a contract to care for his family in Charles City Co. Va. (Feb. 3, 1658/9 Charles City Co. Va. records pg. 225 unfinished business to Feb. Court at Merchants Hope.) Thomas Drew and his brother, George Drew were from England. Thomas Drew had only one child, Dorothy Drew. Thomas Dew of Nansemond Co. had a son Thomas Dew. It seems quite certain that Thomas Dew and Thomas Drew are different men.(I include this here because other Genealogy has use these two Similar names to say that Richard Parker of Nans. Co. is the Dr. Richard Parker of Charles City and Henrico Counties Va. W.P.)
When you consider names surrounding the family of Richard Parker of Nans. and the name Francis Maulden and Wm. Parker, It seems there is probably a family connection with all of these Parkers. Francis Maulden and Thomas Parker close neighbors on Dumplin Island, and Richard Parker naming his eldest son Thomas and his third son Francis, and by having at least two grandsons named William in the 1704 Quit Rents in Nans. Co. Also in the area of Richard Parker of Nans. is Bennetts Cr
I would look into the family of Thomas Parker and Francis Malden, and maybe Thomas had a son that married the daughter of Francis Malden/Maulden and Katherine. Thomas Parker already owned land in Nans. Co. 1648.
Another interesting story in "COLONIAL SURRY" Pg. 81 by Bodie:One Wm. Bentley who patented land in Elizabeth City 1624 was brought before General Court of ?Nanse. Co. Aug. Term?
First witness was Richard Rich age 25 who testified that on 8th day Feb. last Thomas Godby, the deceased, was at the house of William Parker at Merry Point, and that he, the deponent and divers others drank between 5 pints burnt claret wine that Thos. Godby consumed about four cups of the same. At which time Wm. Bently, who had just came ashore in a boat, came into the house and ask if it were not their orders when they heard men call to come and help them out of a boat. Whereupon Godby answered "do you think we have nothing to do but fetch you out of the water"---Bently replied "hold your peace", and Godby called Bently a rascal and a rogue and Bently did like to him. Thereupon the said Bently, setting upon the bench on the left side of Godby, struck him from the bench and presently rose up and gave him a kick as he lay upon the ground--Godby could not set up but tumbled down crying out " Oh Bently, thou hast killed me" and also said of him, "I am cruelly foxed---", and in the morning Godby was found dead in the said house.
Bently pleaded not guilty March 1628. A Jury of 12 men of whom one was Francis Fowler of Surry Co. Found him Guilty---He, somehow went through church and was probably cleared. (This article was to illustrate powers of Church).
Minutes of the Council of General Court of Colonial Va. 1622-32, 1670-76 by H. R. McLlwaine-concernin g Wm. Parker age 22 death of a man at his house Feb. 8, 1628.
John Bush 1624 Pat. 300 acs. Keoughton (Elizabeth City) one of headrights was Wm. Parker bn. ca. 1604.
Abstracts from "Cavaliers & Pioneers".
1. William Parker of Warrossquick (LP 350 acs. on S.S. Nans. Riv. over agst Dumplin Island. H.R. John Gately, John Middap, Jane Veale, Mary Hartfield, John Freethome, Mary Waters, Wm. Golding: by West last day May 1636. (Later:Chuckatuck Alias New Town Haven formerly Warwicksquick)
2. Nov. 26, 1636 Francis Malden Pat. 400 acs. Nans. Riv. S.E. upon Dumplin Island---etc. By West.
3. Dec. 23, 1636 Epaproditus Lawson 200 acs. Joyning upon Wm. Parker's land E. N. W. upon Nans. Riv. H.R. John Dipple, Wm. Ewen, Richard Williams, Jon Smith.
(This Wm. Parker settled at "Cliffs" in Maryland. His father was Wm. Parker of London, a Merchant. His Widow mother, Grace, Md. #3 as wife #3 Edward Lloyd (will recorded in England and Maryland. Lived at Elizabeth River Parish in Va.) Grace's first husband was Francis Malden.
4. Feb. 6, 1636/7 Arg. Yeardly 300 acs. Up. Norf. Co. Upon Dumplin Island in Nansemund Riv. S.S. Adj. to Wm. Parker and E. upon sd. Cr.
5. William Parker 350 acs. Co. of Up. Norf. June 18, 1638 N. W. Upon Nans Riv. beg. at Powells Cr. butting upon his own land. H. R. Roger Salesbury, Richard Savage, Dorothy Cole, E. Lawson, Walter Williams, John Horton Robert May. (Richard Savage's dau, Mary, md. John Norris)
(A Wm. Parker (1615-1676) Md. Ann Powell grdt. of Capt. Wm. Powell of Leaden Hall, London, Eng. They sold 600 acs. to Wm. Batte of Lower Chipoaks on James River and 200 acs. on Little Cr. called "Crouchers". Wm. Parker was an assemblyman. His daughter, Ann, bn. 1660.) It will be noticed a Thomas Powell name also on deeds in area of this Richard Parker family.
6. Aug. 1, 1638 Thomas Dew 400 acs. in Nans. Up. Norfolk Co. (Thomas Dew [1600-1677] Md. Elizabeth, d/o Richard Bennett.)
7. Percival Champion 250 acs. Nans. Riv. in Up. Co. New Norfolk Aug. 23, 1638 within Dumplin Island Cr. on E.S. butting upon land of Epaphrodities Lawson's by West upon sd. Cr.& n. by E. into the woods. H.R. 5.
8. Wm. Hatfield 300 acs. in Nans. River Up. Co. New Norfolk Aug. 22, 1638 Adj. land of Percival Champion running up E. side Dumplin Island Cr. (100 acs & 200 acs. 8-24-same) (This land later to be found in possession of Richard Parker.)
9. Sept. 9, 1648 Randall Crews 460 acs. Nans. Co. upon Eswd. side of S. Br. of Nans. Riv. S. of mouth of Crainy Cr. Adj. to land of Wm. Hatfield. ( This land also found later to be in possession of Richard Parker).
10. Oct. 10, 1638 Thomas Dew at the old Indian Town. Regrant 1643. (Regrants usually to reestablish disputed boundaries.)
11. (1639 Viewers of Tobacco: assignment given Epaphrodities Lawson extending from Ragged Island to head of the creek on Westward side of Chuckatuck. He lived Eastern side of Nans. Riv. and N.S. Chuckatuck. [this is area of Crainy Cr, Pocoson, Jerico and Bennetts Cr.--names found in Parker abstracts])
12. June 20, 1639 Samuel Stevens, Gent, son of Richard, late of Virginia. 2000 acs. Up. Norfolk Co. in Nans. Riv. Adj. to Percival Champion, Wm. Sanders, Wm. Parker, Thomas Powell.
13. Apr. 22, 1640 John Geary Up. Norf. Co. land late in possession of Thomas Dew by him assigned to Thomas Davis and land now in possession of Thomas Powell.
14. June 8, 1643 Thomas Dew, Gent Regrant of Oct 10, 1638 plus 450 acs.--land on Crainey Cr. joining Randall Crews.
15. Sept. 21, 1644 Toby Smith 150 acs. Up. Norf. Co. Upon W.S. Nans. Riv. 35 Acs. called ?Raming Island being Marsh and Adj. to the Island opposite land of Francis Malden back Eastward with Dumplin Island Cr. which parts it from land of Wm. Parker. H.R. 3.
16. Jan. 9, 1648 Pat. Bk. 2 Pg. 137 Leonard Guinn ---?Acs. Nans. Co. upon W.S. being and Island called Dumplin Island opposite land of Francis Malden and near Thomas Parker: due by purchase from Toby Smith. (Is Thomas a son or brother of one of the William Parkers in the area? Could he be the father of Richard Parker?).This patent puts Thomas Parker area of Wm. Parker in 1644 Pat.
17. Mar. 17, 1654 Edward Cook 100 ac s. W. Br. of Nans. Riv. Adj. his own and Wm. Parker.
18. Oct. 1654 Richard Parker 400 acs. S. Br. of Nans. Adj. land of Wm. Wright, and adjoining his own land.
19. Mar. 18, 1662 Geo Gourden 100 acs. on Western Br. of Nans. Riv. Adj. land of Wm. Parker and his own granted Edw. Cook Mar. 17, 1654 and assigned to sd Gourden.
20. May 18, 1662 Richard Parker 400 acs. S. Br. Nans. Riv. Adj Lewis Wright. A Regrant of 1654.
21. Edw. Vaughn 100 ac. Up. Par. Nans. Mar. 29, 1666 Beg. at Sylvester Bakers land running W.W. 320 Pl on the "Miles End" of Randall Crews land butting land of Richard Parker-joining land of Mr. Wright and Thomas Harrows. H. R. Jno. Oliver, Walter Brooks.
22. Feb. 24, 1675/6 To all whereas now know ye--etc Grant to
Richard Parker 100 acs. in Nans. Co. at Hoods Neck on S. Br. adj. other land of sd Parker: beg. at mouth of small Island of Woodland and running up main Br. N. W. till it turns the point of Marsh and the runs---W. or near about Br. passing by woodland S. E. Woodside to Mk'd trees of sd Parker to point near the Marsh and butting on land of Thomas Parker thence to formers land---sm. Cr. Gut running to mouth H.R. 2. (1644 Pat of Toby Smith mentions "Marsh" Dumplin Island & Wm. Parker. This deed dated Feb 1675/6 mentions Thomas who was son Richard Parker as already having land. He must have been born prior to 1654 and Thomas Jr. patented land 1690 making him probably born prior to 1666-69.
23. Feb. 24, 1675/6 John Smith --acs. Nans. Co. at head of Chuckatuck Cr. granted Stephen Deford and escheated by inquisition under John Lear dept'y Esch'r and granted Thomas Parker who assigned to sd Smith. (Chuckatuck alias New Town Haven--formerly Warwicksquick.)
24. Nov. 10, 1678 Mr. John Wright 1040 acs. Nan. Pg. 669 beg. on S.S. Dumplin Island Cr. mouth and to an old field about the land formerly belonging to Capt. Francis behind Sape Coats land formerly Stephen Gareys: to Cr. parting Powells Neck from Norris, alias Gareys land to Powells point & c. 350 acs. due by pat. last May 1636 & June 18, 1638 both granted Wm. Parker and by him conveyed to sd Wright's father. 100 acs. by Pat. June 10, 1637 to Thos. Powell who assigned in like manner 240 acs. found within & c. (Note John Geary deed date Apr. 22, 1640).
25. Apr. 25, 1679 Thomas Parker 600 ac. near So. Br. of Nans. Riv. land granted Francis Wells (Oct. 20, 1665) The land joyned WM. Bush & "The County Line" (Line Betw. Nans. & Isle of Wight Co.)
26. July 10, 1680 James Collin Sr. Upper Par. of Nans 450 Acs. Adj. land of David Loyd--Now Sam. Watson & And Adj. Thomas Parker.
27. Apr. 23, 1681 Thomas Harrell 140 acres. Nans. Co. at "Parkers Cr." part of 250 acs. granted Sylvester Baker Apr. 1, 1658: Renewed 1662. Now in possession of above Thos. Harrell.
28. Apr. 23, 1681 Thomas Parker 700 acs. Up. Par. Nans. near head of Southern Br. by "County Line" and Adj. Wm. Bush & c. part 600 acs. granted Francis Wells & surrendered to sd. Parker. 200 acs. for 4 H.R. Samuel Golderott, Ja. Mashells, Jno. Sherly, Matthew White.
29. Apr. 23, 1681 Thomas Duke 430 acs. Upper Nans. near Thomas Harrell Adj. to Thomas Parker, the Cross Swp belonging to Wm. Wright & 200 acs. granted to Wright Mar. 18, 1662 & conveyed to sd. Duke.
30. Apr. 23, 1681 Col. Thomas Dew 450 Acs. Up. Par. of Nans. at head of Crainey Cr. issuing out of Southern Br. Beg. in line of Hoods Neck, now Francis Parkers to Geo. Spivy Jr. & Sr. Crossing Beaver Cr. into the main pocason and c. granted toe Randall Crew Nov. 13, 1640 which after several surrenders and descent is in possession of Col. Dew. (This must be Thomas Dew the second as the first Thomas Dew Bn. 1600 and died 1677.)
31. Apr. 20, 1682 Thomas Powell 480 acs. Isle of Wight Co. on S. W. Br. Nans. Apr 20, 1682. 400 acs. being 1/2 Pat. to Wm. Hunt Dec. 14, 1653 & conveyed to said Powell Feb. 13 same year betwixt sd. Powell and Rich. Hutchins.
32. Apr. 20, 1682 Wm. Bush 390 acs. Isle of Wight Co. head Br. of Currawaugh Swp. Beg. at Robert Johnson in County Line, by Thomas Mann & c.
33. Apr. 16, 1683 Francis Parker 20 acs. Up. Par. of Nans. in line of Hoods Neck in possession of sd Parker & Cross Swp Pat. granted to his father, Richard Parker. Ad. to Jerico now belonging to Thomas Dew.
34. Oct. 15, 1698 Richard Parker 48 acs. Nans. Co. E.S.Br. of Nans. Riv. Adj. to Thos. Parker, Thos. Harrell, Thos Duke & Richard Parker's Cross Swp. H. R.
35. Thomas Parker, Jr., 240 Acs. in upper Par. of Nansemond near a place called Kingsale, and Adj. the land of Thomas Parker, Sr.
36. Richard Parker 100 acs. in Nans. at Hoods Neck, Adj. his father's land and that where Thomas Parker lives, granted to Richard Parker Sr. 1675-6 and regranted Apr. 26, 1698.
37. Richard Parker 400 acs. on S. Br. Nans. Riv. formerly granted to Mr. Richard Parker in 1654. Regranted Apr. 26, 1698.
38. Richard Parker 48 acs. on S. Br. of Nans. Riv. Adj. the land of Thomas Parker, Oct. 15, 1698.
Elizabeth City Va. 1634 Ext. 1952.--New Norfolk 1636-37,Ext. -->
Lower Norfolk 1637-1646 Ext.-->Nansemond Co. 1646.
Warrasquyoake 1634-37Ext.- ->Isle of Wight 1637-->Southampton 1649.
Oct. 9, 1696 Jno. Parker of Nans. Co. Cooper, 87 acs. situated Western Br. of Nans. Riv. in ye Upper Par. --Henry Grays line bounding Sam'l Watson to Peter Parker (The area of Thomas Parker of Chuckatuck).
Quit Rent Roles of Nansemond Co. Va. 1704
Francis Parker 170 acs.
Wm. Parker 100 acs.
Thomas Parker 300 acs.
Richard Parker 514 acs.
Jno. Parker 240 acs.
Thomas Parker 100 acs.
Peter Parker 100 acs.
Wm. Parker 140 acs.
Persons living outside Co. and others will not pay or give acct. Names included Francis Parker, Jr.
There was also a Paul Pender listed and it has been stated the Richard Parker II Md. a Pender. I have seen no documentation, but thought this should be mentioned. Paul Pender W.D. Apr. 18, 1748: W.P. Aug. 1748 N. C. Wife Elizabeth: sons John, Joseph, Solomon: daus: Mary Lawrence, Elizabeth, Lee, Rachael Ellis, Christian Davis. Exect: Son Paul Pender: Wit: Alex Cotton, Jacob Lasher.
Peter Parker (?and Jon) Upper Par. of Nansemund 1706 bought land E.S. Chowan Riv. from Wm. Williams of Lower Par. of Isle of Wight Wit: John Parker, Robert Scott, Humphrey Marshall.(Dbk W#1 pg.76 Chowan Co.)
Wm. Parker of Nansemond dec'd by June 25, 1711 Md. Mary d/o Robert Ely and Jane Brasswell (Stokes), W.D. June 25, 1711: W.P. Aug. 14, 1713: Jane Md. #2 1680 John Roberts. A grandson Robert Scott.
Pat. Bk. 10 Pg. 10 Richard Parker Upper Par. Nans. Co. (NL) 44 acs. on E. Side Southern Br. Nans. Riv. near head of Olivers Run. Apr. 28, 1711. Adj. land of Francis Mace. H. R. Thos. Burbee.
Pat. Bk. 10 Pg. 185 Bryant 200 acs. (NL) Up. Par. Nans. near head of Bennetts Cr. N.W. side Baytree Br. to Richard Parker's line. June 16, 1718.
Pat. Bk. 10 Pg. 185 Richard Parker 304 acs. (NL) Upper Nans. on Hoods Mare Br. June 16, 1714.
Bk. 10 Pg. 388 Daniel and Jonathan Parker 304 (LL) Up. Br. Bennetts Cr. on Hood Mare Br. July 12, 1718 Granted to Richard Parker July 16, 1714 upon condition of seating and c. 10 Sh.
Richard Parker (LL) Up. Par. Nans. near head of Bennets Cr. beginning at Richard Parker's corner in Hoods Mare Br. near Daveys Mare Br. & c. July 12, 1718 granted Samuel Parker June 16, 1714 upon condition of Seating and planting which he failed to do.
Pat. Bk. 14 Pg. 137 Richard Parker of N. C. 399 Acs. Up. Par. of Nans. adj. his own: the County Line, Thos Odum, John Williams and Thos. Goff, Crossing Phebes Br. to Edw. Roberts. Sept. 28, 1730.
Pg. 296. Richard Parker of N. C. 388 acs. of Marsh Land in Up. Par. of Nans. Adj. his own land and land of Joseph Horton Aug. 24, 1731.
Pg. 371 June 20, 1733 Pat. for 371 acs. of land in Nans. Co. Va. granted John Parker of the Providence of N. C. in Upper Par. Adj. his own land and land of John Knight.
Thomas Parker of Nansemond s/o Richard.
Thomas Parker
Must have been born prior to 1654.
Died after Quit Rent Rolls of 1704
Wife unknown
These sons seem to be his.
I suggest more research, if possible.
1. Thomas Jr. W.P Oct. 1717 Chowan Co. N. C.: Wife Jean Evans: 7 children.
Pat. Bk. 8 1689-95 Pg. 92 Virginia. To all whereas now know you that I Frs. Nicholson Esq. Lt. Gov. give and grant unto Thomas Parker, Jr., two hundred and forty acs. of land lying and being in ye Upper Par. of Nansimund County from a place called Kingsail beginning at a White Oak a corner tree by land of Thomas Parker, Sr. runs by ye sd Parker's line East northerly fifty eight poles to a White Oak standing in said line the North West thirty two poles to a Pine standing in ye line of James Collins then by said Collins line West by North forty-eight poles to a corner Oak, Etc.
names of neighbors mentioned: Edward Thelwell, Osbornes, Nicholas Parrott. Oct. 3, 1690.
Wit: Jno Colledge, Timo Donho, Edward Boswell, Daniel Ball.
Thomas received this through headrights.
I will point out something concerning ages. Remembering that patents were not received as soon as headrights arrived, and that their was a wait of up to three years or more, Thomas Jr. must have been 21 at least three years before he received the patent Oct. 1690. Therefore, he was probably born Ca. 1666-68. His father, Thomas Sr., must have married ca. 1665-7, and if there was any children before Thomas Jr., he would have been married earlier. If Thomas Sr. was married as young as 20, it would have made him born Ca. 1645-7. I have found that most of the men were of age 21 to 25 when they married. If Dr. Richard Parker was the father of Thomas Sr. that would make him 16 or 17 when Thomas was born. Dr. Parker was Christened Nov. 29, 1630 in Eng. And was probably born the same month, as his sister Katherine was born Apr. 7, 1618 and Chr. Apr.9th 1618 and died 1620. Samuel Buller, relative of Dr. Richard Parker was Bn. Aug. 8, 1619 and Christened Aug. 29, 1619. I believe Dr. Richard would have been Christened in about the same time frame. When Dr. Richard Parker gave his age as "31 or thereabout" that meant he had passed his 30th birthday and was in his 31st year. Dr. Parker had no wife listed as a headright with Capt. Francis Morgan in his patent of 1652. There is no evidence of any wife, except Mary Perkins, Widow, that he married ca. Aug. 1656. I cannot see any possibility that he is the same Richard of Nansemond and father of this Thomas Sr. Also Rowland, Dr. Parker's brother, seems to say he "went to Virginy and married a Londoner". If Dr. Parker had married in England I believe his brother would have known the name of his wife. Evidence that Rich’d. Parker of Charles City and Richard Parker of Nans. are different men.
2. Peter Parker owned 140 acs. of land in Nans. His Will dated Sept. 15, 1716: W.P. 1720 found Chowan Co.N.C. SS 875 in Archives Raleigh Co.,N.C.(pre- 1760 Wills): wife Elizabeth:5 ch. Chowan Co.,North Carolina(Peter’s eldest son, John Parker,had land Peter Parker in Nans. Co. Va.)
Land Patents that probably concern the family of Thomas Parker line: And Quit Rent:
1. Peter Parker Quit Rent Nansemond Co. 140 acs. His will in Chowan Co. mentioned land in Nansemond. Co. There was only one Peter Parker on Quit Rent.
2. 1706 Peter Parker of Up. Par. of Nansemond bought land E. S. Chowan Riv. from William Williams of the Lower Par. of Isle of Wight Va. Wit: John Parker, Robert Scott, Humphrey Marshall.
3. Peter Parker and wife Elizabeth in 1717 sold land to John Welch, the deed witnessed by Aaron Oliver and Isaac Parker.
4. Pat. Bk. 9 1696-1706 John Parker (issued by Gov. E. Andres) of Nans. Co., Cooper, 87 acs. of land situated lying and being on the Western Branch of Nans. Riv. in Upper Par. beginning at a marked Red Oak---Gray' line N.N.E. 468 poles to a Sapling Red Oak thence bounding on Sam. Watson's land northwesterly 70 degrees & 118 P. to a corner White Oak of Peter Parker's thence bounding Peter Parker's line.
5. Pat. Bk. 1 Pg. 240 N.C. John Parker Aug. 13, 1714 376 acs. Chowan Co. N. C. on N. E. side Chowan River adj. to Thomas Parker, John Jordan, Wm. Copeland. (s) Chas. Eden, Thos. Boyd, N. Chive, Wm. Reed, C. Gale, Fars Foster.
6. Pg. 214 Thomas Parker Aug. 30, 1714 387 acs. Chowan Precinct joining Peter Parker, the meadow, sd. Thomas Parker. (son’s) Chas. Eden, Thos. Boyd, N. Cheven, Wm. Reed, C. Gale, Fras. Foster.(a note indicates that it lapsed to Peter Parker Nov. 11).
7. Pat. Bk. 8 Pg. 154 Moses Foxworth July 20, 1717 240 acs. Chowen precinct joined John Jordan, John Parker & Thomas Parker.
8. Pg. 295 Jan. 1715 1,696 acs. John Parker joining Thomas Parker, Peter Parker, Samuel Bozeman, and Richard Showlers: Wit: Charles Eden, Nath. Cheven, T. Knight Chris Gale, Fr. Foster.
9. A Peter Parker Md. 1714 Grace Copeland d/o William Copeland and wife Christina--they sold land to Wm. Copeland 1716. Wit.: John and Jane Jordan ( I wonder if this is son of John Parker above with John Jordan and Wm. Copeland with two Pat.--Aug. 13, 1714, Also Moses Foxworth July 20, 1717 Pat. joined John Jordan and John Parker and Thomas Parker.)
10. June 20, 1733 Pat. for 371 acs. land in Nans. Co. Va. granted to John Parker of the province of N. C. in Upper Par. Adj. his own land and land of John Knight.
Richard Parker, Thomas Parker.
Early Immigrant to Chowan Co. N. C.
Thomas Parker
I think he must have been born 1666-69, or even earlier. He was probably 21 when he applied for the land patent he received in 1690. Then you consider the surveying, seating,etc.
W.D. Jan. 23, 1717: W.P. Oct. Court 1717 Chowan Co., N.C. (NC. S SS Willis)Executor: Wife, Jeane Early Parker (?Wid. of Peter Evans. (sister to John Early)(no Documentation) Wit: John Parker, Henry Lamm, Benj. Evans (s/o Jean)
1. Peter(not in will rest of Ch. in will minors)
2. Thomas (Is he the Thomas Parker W.P. 1761 Bertie Co. N.C.?)
3. Joseph Parker (?W.D. Nov. 15, 1749 Chowan Co N. C.?)
4. John died 1761 Edgecomb Co., N. C.
5. William Parker, W.P.1751 Chowan Co. N. C.: Wife Ann (?d/o Henry King?)
6. Sarah Parker
7. Francis Parker, W.D. 1746:W.P. 1747 Edgecomb Co. N. C.: Md. Elizabeth Thomas d/o Francis.
8, Older dau. probable md. Benj. Evans and she d.prior to will.
Jane/Jean Parker to Benj. Evans,s/o John and Jane Evans100 acs. Lightwood Knot Br. Adj. John Overton and John Parker June 1735.
John Early and wife, Mary to John and Peter Parker tract of land on Chowan River: Pat. June 3, 1699: Nov. 1, 1700.
Peter Parker and Wm. Crawford were wit. to a deed by John Early 1716.
Peter Parker made a deed to Jean/Jane Parker, Wid, in 1719.Wit: Thomas Parker and Robert Hicks.
John Benton W.P. Oct. 1750 Chowan Co. Wit.: Wm. Parker: Daus. Mary Parker and Charity Parker: Grandson, Jess, s/o Charity and Grandson, Wm., s/o Mary.
Abstracts of conveyances; Jane Parker, Wid. of Thos., Francis (Frank) Parker to John, her son.-50 acs. adj. to Wm. Parker Dec. 29, 1738. Wit.: James Parker, Job Cockrill, James Farlie. Chowan DBk. W#1 p. 386
Same to son William tract So. S. Poplar Run June 8, 1738. Wit: James Willie, James Parker, Martin Nowell.
Jane Parker, Wid. 1722 sold land to Paul Phillips. Wit.: John Champion.
Jean/Jane Parker 1739 Parker 1739 deeded land to John Parker. Wit.: James Parker & Peter Parker.
A Thomas Parker 1716 had sons Wm. & Francis Parker.: Wit. Wm. Crawford & John Parker.
Hertford Co. created 1754 from Bertie, Chowan, Northampton Co. N. Carolina. Gates Co. 1778 from Chowan and Hertford Co.
Joseph is probably son of Thomas WP 1717--More research needed.
Joseph Parker
W.D. Nov. 15, 1749: W.P. Jan. 1749/50 Chowan Co., N. C.
Wit: Jeremiah Cannon & Mary Cannon
Exect: Wife, Ruth, & son, Job.
1. Mary Md. Jeremiah Cannon.
2. Ruth (?Md. Thomas Farmer)
3. Nathan Parker, eldest son, Md. Sarah Farlee.
4. Joseph (?W.P. 1764-not 16 at father's will date.)
5. Periana Parker (?Md. Thomas Farmer) not 16 at father's W.D.
6. Jacob Parker, not 16 at will date: bn. after 1733. ?Md. 1765 Rhoda Draper.
7. Job Parker bn. after 1733: W.P. 1812.
Nathan (received land SS Chowan Riv., land in Northampton Co. purchased of Charley Council) WD Sept. 9, 1765: WP June 1797 Bertie Co. N.C.Wit:Joseph Scott, Jr., Joseph Scott, Sr.: Exect: wife, Sarah, Bro. Job and Cousin Joseph.
a. Rachael Parker Md. Arthur Wooten-had at least Nathan and Jonathan.
b. Jonathan-daus. Lea & Miriam.
c. Sarah Elliot.
d. Leah (Lydia) Elliot.
e. Mary Parker
Job Parker lived at Harmoney Hill.
W.D. Feb. 12, 1812: W.P. Dec. Court 1812 Chowan Co. N. C.: Md. Isabel Peal, d/o John and Mary Norsworthy Peal: Exect.: Wife, Isabel, Joseph Moore, Thomas Granberry: Wit.: Wm. Bains, John Parrish.
a. Joseph Md. Mary Morris.
b. Job Md. Mary Eliza-died after 1856. Ch. Job, Isabella, Joseph & others.
c. Elias T. Parker
d. Jacob N. W.P. 1842: Md. Harriet.
e. Pharabe P. Parker (1786-1856-7) : Md. 1805 Thomas Granberry (1782-1828).
f. Peniah Parker Md. Joseph Moore: a dau. Jane.
g. Isabel Parker (?Md. Mr. Townsend-or the Widow of Job)
h. Martha Parker
i. John Parker
j. Sarah Albertson: daus. Isabella and Sarah.
Jacob Parker
W.D. Jan. 12, 1842: W.P. Feb. 1842.
Ex: Josiah T. Granberry, s/o Pharabe.
Wit: John Bush and James T. Cannon .
a. Geo. Parker Md. 1828 Mary Bunch, Chowan Co.: Sec. Peter Parker.
b. Ann Maria Parker
?Joseph WP Feb. 1792: wife Sarah: Ch. Jeremiah, Joseph, Alexander, Judith.
Joseph Parker, WP Dec. 28, 1764 Chowan Co. Bro. Job: Wit: Nathan Parker, Wm. Copeland, Josiah Copeland.
Richard Parker, Thomas Parker, Thomas Parker, Joseph Parker Job Parker.
Pheraba Peel Parker
Bn. 1786 N. C. d. 1856-7
W.D. Jan. 19, 1855:Codicil Nov. 11, 1856: W.P. Feb. 1857
M.B. Dec. 23, 1805 Gates Co. N. C. Thomas Granberry.
Sur. Edmund B. ?Harvey.
Sons wife, Sarah Ann Granberry.
Gdt. Mary J. Johnson and Sally Ann d/o sd. Grdt.
Sister Penenia Moore.
Niece Eliza.
Sister Mary.
Niece Jane Moore.
Children of sister, Sarah Albertson (Isabella & Sarah).
Bro. Job's wife, Mary Eliza.
Ch. of Job: Isabella, Joseph and other children of Job.
Sister-in-law Harriet Cannon.
Niece Anna Maria Parker.
son, Josiah T. Granberry (1806-1862).
Pharabee Granberry and Josiah T. Granberry, heirs and trustees of Thomas, sold land to Isabel Townsent July 31, 1832 Perquemans Co. Josiah T. and Pherabe Granberry sold slaves to Isabel Townsent Feb. 11, 1829. Registered in Chowen Co. but dated in Perquemans Co. N.C.
A Thomas Granberry of Hertford Co. N. C. bought lot in that town Apr. 22, 1808. He was from Norfolk Co. ?Va.
A Thomas Granberry was a Merchant of Perquemans Co. N.C.
These I do not know where they go.
Thomas Parker
W. P. Dec. 27, 1761 Bertie Co. N. C.
(Maybe son of Thomas Will Probate 1717)
1. Isaac Parker W.P. 1779 Northampton Co. N. C.
2. Elizabeth.
3. Jacob Parker
A Thomas Parker executed a deed to Joseph Jones 1738 Bertie Co. N.C.
A Thomas Parker bn 1762 Bertie Co. Ch. Abraham, Peter, Jacob, Elizabeth.
Richard Parker
W.D. Nov. 14, 1800: W.P. Dec. 1800
Exect. Jeremiah Brown
Wife Sally
To Rebecca Ridley Parker and to Richard Parker.
1780 Richard Parker purchased land from James and Sarah Parker s/o Isaac Parker Northampton Co. N. C.
In estate of Richard Sumner: dau. Elizabeth did not receive share but Richard Parker did. (? Elizabeth Sumner marry Richard Parker?)
Richard Parker, Thomas Parker, Thomas Parker.
(William Parker's seal of Roman Soldiers head, which may help find this line in England)
William Parker
W.D. Dec. 27, 1750: W.P. July 1751 Chowan Co. N. C.
Wife: Ann King (?d/o Henry?)
Wit: Wm. Waters, Henry Griffen, Dempsy Sumners.
1. James Parker, Md. ?Charity Benton
2. William Parker
3. Thomas Parker, W. D. Aug. 23, 1762:Md. Sarah Norfleet.
4. Benjamin Parker
5. John Parker
6. Mary Fryer.
7. Judith Parker Md. Thomas Duke.
8. Ann Parker Md. Mr. Freeman.
Thomas Duke 430 acs. Upper Nansemund Apr. 23, 1681 near Thomas Harrell adj. to Thomas Parker, the Cross Swp. and 200 acs. belonging to Wm. Wright and 200 acs. granted sd. Wright Mar. 18, 1662 & conveyed to sd, Duke.-----
May 18, 1662 Richard Parker 400 acs. S. Br. Nans. Riv. Adj. Wm. Wright--renewal of 1654 Pat.
John Hubbard to Wm. Parker 2 tracts of land given sd. John by will of father, John, binding upon lands of Moses Hall, Richard Felton, John Norfleet--etc. Wit. Wm. Parker, James Hubbard June 15, 1736.
Richard Felton to Thos. Parker 75 acs. part of Pat. of Jno. Small and sold to sd. Felton Oct. 3, 1722 adj. land of Thomas Parker and Richard Bond July 21, 1737. Wit: James Griffen, John S. Fulks, John Sumner (Gates Co.)
John Benton to James Benton __?___ W. S. Bennett Cr. & calls for Mt. Mocasin Pocoson Sept. 22, 1736: Wit: Wm. Parker, Thomas Parker, James Parker.
Wm Parker to James Hubbard 75 acs. part of Jno. Smalls patent 175 acs. dated July 10, 1719, sold to Wm. Parker Nov. 25, 1725---as by records of Nans. Co. Va. on Flat Branch & Loosing Swp. Oct. 1736. Wit: James Benton, Thomas Parker, John Benton.
I enclose the above deeds for others to work with-may be of help.
Richard Parker, Thomas Parker, Thomas Parker, William Parker.
Thomas Parker
W.P. Aug. 23, 1762 Chowan Co., N. C.
Ex. Dau, Pricilla and Jethro Benton.
Wit: Wm. Parker, James Parker, Jacob Norfleet, James Harris.
Md. Sarah Norfleet, d/o Thomas.
1. Pricilla Parker
2. Sarah Parker
3. Abraham (?Akin) Parker
4. Absalom Parker
5. Judith Parker
6. Ruth Parker
7. Zelphia Parker
8. Thomas Md. Mary Arnold. (His will Prob. Aug. 1825 Gates Co. N.C.)
9. Margaret Parker
?Isaac Hunter, Will 1753 Chowan Co. Dau. Hannah Riddick, Elizabeth Perry, Alice Hunter, Zelphia Parker.
Ann Hunter Oct. Court 1751 Chowan Co. : Ex: sons Wm. Hunter and Edw. Arnal (?Arnold)
Thomas Parker W. D. Apr. 16, 1825: W. P. Aug. Court 1825 Gates Co.
Ex. Demsey Wright, Jonas Morgan and John C. Gordon
Wit: James B. Arnold, Thomas Duke.
Dau., Margaret, Grdsons Jordan Parker and Alfred Parker.
Daus. Ruth Brinkley and Elizabeth Minor, Grdt., Margaret Ann Ballard, daus. Ann Ballard, Mary ?Odon, Margaret Parker and Sarah Brinkley.
?Abram W. Parker W. D. June 10, 1837: Nov. Court 1847.
Wife Mary. All my children, wife Exect.
James Parker
Md. Charity Benton, d/o John Chowan Co. N. C.
1. James Parker
2. Amos Parker--Issue: Miles, John (to Tex.), William, Amos, Abraham, James Humphrey, Sally, Sabra Md. Jessie Porter
Abraham Parker (1798-1855) Issue: John E., David, James Abraham, Wm. Winship, Wiley Elbert, Christian Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, Nancy.
May be son of Peter W.P 1720 and Elizabeth.
Thomas Parker
died 1782 New Hanover Co. N. C.
Md. Rachel.
1. Mary Parker
2. Louise Parker
3. Rachel Parker
4. Elizabeth Parker
5. Thomas Md. ? died 1774 New Hanover N. C. Left Jacob, orphan.
6. Hardy Parker bn. 1750 to Ga.
7. John Parker,d. 1788 Duplin Co. N. C.
a. Asa, b. Peter, c. Elizabeth, d. Sarah bn. 1769 Md. Thomas McCanne, e. Rachael, f. Mary.
Mrs. Marguerite McDonald
2207 Violet Ln.
Arlington, Tx. 76006 (1992)
Richard Parker's sons apparently all of age by 1680. If so they were all born prior to 1659. He also had grandson's old enough to own land in 1704 Quitrent. (Quitrent:rent paid by a freeholder or copyholder in lieu of services which might otherwise have been required of them. (be sure to look into this much misunderstood rent, it is not just a rent/tax on land)
Richard Parker II
He may have deceased ca. 1714. It is said he married a Miss Pender. I have not found the evidence for this, but there was a Pender on the Quit rent of 1704. Richard Parker left no will, or none found, but I will put in some information that others may follow up on.
To all whereas, now know ye that I the said Sir. Edw'd Andros, K'nt. Gov. do with the advice and consent of the Council of State accordingly give and grant unto Richard Parker one hundred acres of land with----Marsh the greater part adjoyning lying and being in the county of Nans. at a place called Hood's Neck in the Southern Branch and joyning to the other lands of said Parker's father's beginning at mouth of a small Creek or gut a little below a small---- of woods land and running up to the main branch side near north west one hundred and thirty poles till it turns at a point of marsh and then South West or near thereabouts by the branch side passing by a long point of woodland one hundred and twenty poles then south east to a marked white oak standing by the woods side and so extendeth over several points one hundred thirty five poles by an old line of market trees of the sd Parker's father's to a marked gum standing on a point by or near the Marsh North East or near thereabouts to the forementioned small cr. or gut and running according to the overall turnings and windings thereof till it comes to the marsh where it first begun including the said quantity, the one hundred acs. of land was formerly granted unto Mr. Richard Parker, and is since granted unto his son Rich'd Parker by order of the general Court bearing the date ye 15th Apr. 1697 and is further due unto him by and for the transportation of two persons unto this Colony whose names are to be in the records mentioned undo this patent to have and to hold to be held yielding and paying provided dated the 26th of Apr. 1698. (Va. Land Pat. Bk. 9 Pg. 142).
To all, whereas now know ye that the sid Edw'd Andros, Kn't. Gov. with advice and consent of the Council of State accordingly give and grant unto Rich'd Parker four hundred acres of land situate or being in the Southern Br. of Nans. Riv. Beg. at a marked White Oak and running for breadth ENE to a marked Gum 200 P. butting on the land of Will Wright and so again for length SSE 320 P. joyning to his own land to the first mentioned marked tree ye sd 400 acs. of land was formerly granted unto Mr. Richard Parker by patent dated 15th of Oct. 1654 and renewed in his name by order of Quarter Court and also granted by Pat. dated Mar. 18th 1662 to sd Rich. Parker and by him and twice granted to the patentee by order of ye General Court and also granted by Pat. dated Apr. 15, 1697 and is due by and for the Trs. of 8 pers. into the colony whose names are to be in records mentioned under this patent to have and to hold which to be held & yielding and paying as provided. Apr. 26, 1698--Orris, Tony, Mingo, Will, Jacob, Juno, Venus: Pat. BK. 9, Pg. 144.
Pat. Bk. 10 Pg 186 Richard Parker 302 acs. June 16, 1714 NL Upper Nans. on Hoods Mare Br. near head of Bennetts Cr.
Richard Parker (LL) Up. Par. Nans. near head of Bennett Cr. beginning at Richard Parker's corner in Hoods Mare Br. near Davey's Mare Br. & c. July 12, 1718 granted Samuel Parker June 16, 1714 upon condition of seating and planting which he failed to do.
Pg. 388 Daniel Parker and Jonathan Parker (LL) 304 Up. Br. Bennets Cr. on Hood Mare Br. July 12, 1718 granted to Richard Parker July 16, 1714 upon condition of seating & c. 10Sh.
Is Richard, Samuel, Daniel, and Jonathan sons of Richard Parker II?
?Richard Parker II WP. 1752
?Samuel (Perhaps died)
Richard Parker, Richard Parker
Richard Parker III
WD. Sept 22, 1749: WP. Apr. Court 1752 Chowan Co. N. C. ?Md. Katherine King
Wit: John Williamson, Jurat, Wm. Doughtie, Jurat, John Moore, Jurat
Ex: Loving Wife and son Peter Parker. WBk. 23 pp57-58.
His wife name is undocumented at present. Some say a Miss Swan. It might be of interest to check into the Witnesses to his will for her name.
In the name of God Amen I Richard Parker of Chowan County in the Province aforesaid do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first I give my sole unto the hands of God who gave it and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named and what worldly goods I have I do dispose thereof as followeth. Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my son Richard Parker my land and plantation where I now live bounded by a branch from the mouth thereof up the said branch to a marked trees to a Gum thence up the said branch to a marked tree standing in the fork of the said branch thence up a line of marked trees into a Pocoson a corner tree thence running a long a line marked trees in the fork of the Little Mare Branch from thence runing down the said branch to a White Oak standing by the side of the Mill Pond from thence crossing the Mill Pond to the first station containing about five hundred acres I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath my son Daniel Parker the plantation and land where he now liveth containing about three hundred and fifty acres and bounded as followeth--- beginning at Mill Swamp so bounding on the East Line of the land already made a long a line of marked trees a corner tree thence runing a long John Mores line thence running a long a line of John Mores corner tree thence running a long a line of marked trees Pughs thence running a long a line of trees in or near the County Line in the Gaulberry Pocoson thence to a marked tree standing in the fork of the Mares Branch so down the said branch to the first station I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Francis Parker a parsel of land containing about three hundred and fifty acs. and bounded as followeth beginning at a marked Pine standing by a pond and near the County Line thence a long the County line to a marked tree in Charles Russell line so a long Russell line to a marked Pine a corner tree standing in the head of a Branch so down the said Branch as far as the parcel extendeth thence joining on the land formerly belonging to the John Williamson and Thomas Goff so binding on John Harris land to a corner tree in his line thence by a line of marked trees to a corner tree standing in the Pocoson thence by several----- to the first station I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Stephen Parker the Plantation and land that I bought of Moses Hall and of Mike Jones containing about two hundred and twenty acres I say to him the said Stephen Parker and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Francis Parker the tract of land I took up & surveyed lying on Sommerton Swamp and containing eighty two acres I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my said sons Richard Parker, Peter Parker, Daniel Parker, Stephen Parker, Robert Parker, Francis Parker and to each of them fifty acres of land lying on ?Mchearon Pocoson below Pughs Ferry I say to them and their heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my sons Richard Parker, Stephen Parker, Francis Parker the land I purchased of John Small lying on the Timber Pocoson containing about two hundred acres I say to them and their heirs forever
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Richard Parker fifty acres of land I purchased of H. ?Kittilin lying near the Loosing Swamp I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath my friend John Benton a Parcel of land joyning on Bennets Cr. and Bentons land and so along the Bay Branch upon the provision that he pays forty three barrels of tarr if he justly pays the tarr to me or my four young sons I say then land to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give and bequeath to my grandson Richard Parker five shilling currant money of Virginia I say to him in full for his part of all my estate moveable and unmovable.
Item: I give and bequeath to my grandson William Parker five shilling currant money of Virginia I say to him in full for his part of all my estate moveable and unmovable I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my said son Robert Parker the plantation and land I bought of James Ellis containing about sixty acres I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my for said son Robert Parker five shillings cash to him in full for his part of my personable estate I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my said son Peter Parker my water mill stones and five shillings cash to him in full for his part of my personal estate I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Daniel Parker five cows and one mare named Boney branded with "H" formerly belonging to Joseph Horton to him in full for his part of my personal estate I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Jonathan Parker three pieces of seven eights linnen to him in full for his part of my personal estate I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son Jonas Parker my negro girl named Doll to him in full for his part of my personal estate I say to him and his heirs forever.
Item: I give and bequeath to my three daughters Elizabeth Hunter and Ann Spivey and Alice Daughtrey ten shillings a piece I say to each of them in full for there share of my personal estate.
Item: all the remainder of my estate of what nature or kind soever I leave to be equally divided amongst my five children namely Jacob, Stephen, Francis, Richard, Patience. I nominate and appoint my loving wife and my son Peter Parker to be executrix and executer to this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby revoke disannul and make void all former wills by me heare to fore made. In witness whereof I have heare unto set my hand and fixt my seal the twentieth second day of September in the year of Christ one thousand seven hundred and forty nine.
Richard Parker
Signed Sealed and by the
Testator published and declared
to be his Last Will and Testament
in Presents of
John Williamson, Jurat.
Wm. Doughtie, Jurat.
John Moore Jurat (his Mark)
Chowan County April Court 1752
Present His Majesty's Justices
Then was the will proved in open court by the oaths of John Williamson, William Doughtie and John Moore three of the subscribing evidences thereto in due form of law.
Jas. Craven
Richard Parker's Will letters issued the 17th July 1752 as appears on bond.
1. Daniel (?will probated 1780 Gates Co. N. C.?)
2. Francis
3. Stephen
4. Richard
5. Robert (Did he die 1761 Granville Co. N. C.)
6. Jonathan (Was his will probated 1788 Granville Co. N.C.?)
family in Addenda, pg. 75
7. Jonas (Did he die 1775 Orange Co. N. C.?)
8. Jacob
9. Peter
10. Elizabeth Hunter.
11. Ann Spivy
11. Alice Doughtry
13. Patience Parker
Sept. 1749 he had two grandsons, Richard Parker and William Parker.
This family will probably be easier to find their records.
I will leave it for genealogist of this family, as my main point is to point out the three different Richard Parkers of Va.
Bodie in his description of the Parker families also state three Richard Parkers. I believe in studying these papers and others will be the proof most will accept and believe.
N. C. Gen. Vol. 8 #1 Pg. ?1815
Land inquisitions N. C. 1768
1768 Hertford Co. N. C.
Willis Wiggens should sell 100 acs. willed by Thomas Wiggins W.D. Jan. 7, 1760. (Signed Micajah Riddick, Wm. Powell, Richard Parker, Wm. Walters, James Parker, Wm. (X) Boyce, Geo. Williams,D. Sheriff, Peter Parker, Daniel (X) Parker, Wm. Doughtie, John Benton, Elisha Parker, Henry Smith.
The following are mostly from Will abstracts that may be of aid to others in this family.
Daniel Parker bn. ca. ?1700
Will Nov. 30, 1780 Gates Co. N.C.: Wit: Elisha and Peter Parker Thomas Fryer and Jacob Sumner.
Extrs: Grdsn. Willis s/o Dau. Mary Chitrel, My three sons.
1. Dempsey Parker W.P. 1808 Gates Co. Md. Mary.
2. Isaac Parker
3. Robert Parker
4. Luke Parker (he had a son Daniel)
5. Sarah Horton.
6. Ruth Riddick.
7. Judah Griffin (Daniel mentioned Grdsn Wm. Griffin s/o dau., Judith)
8. Mary Chitrel 9.?Abigail
(Daniel may be son of Richard WP 1752 Chowan Co. N. C.)
(1734 a Daniel Parker bought lands from Francis Pugh next to Wm. Spites and John King.)
Dempsey Parker
Bn.W.D. May 6, 1808: Feb. Court 1809 Gates Co. N. C.: Wit. Jonathan Parker, Isaac Parker, George Allen Jr.
Ex: Hillary Willey and Miles Parker.
1. Miles Parker
2. Edith Vann
3. son, Robert Parker's , heirs.
(Hathaway says son Miles, daus. Abigail, Betheny, Sally and Edith Parker, Kin to Goodman)
Fereby Parker
W. D. Nov. 4, 1807: W. P. Nov. Court 1807 Gates Co. N. C.
Ex: Wm. Goodman and Isaac Pipkin
Wit: Wm. Goodman of Jacob, Joseph Saunders Amos Dilday(?Wilday)
a. Miles Parker
b. Abigail Parker
c. Bethany Parker
d. Edith Parker
f. Sally Parker.
(Was Fereby married 1st to Francis Parker WD Apr. 6, 1791: WP. Aug. 1791: Ex.: Wm. Goodman: Wife Febury, sons Wilday and Miles, and all my children. 2nd to Dempsey????? )
Miles Parker
W. D. May 26, 1848: Aug. Term 1838 Gates Co. N. C.
Ex.: Henry G. Williams: Wit: Samuel E. Smith, Wm. Simpson.
To Wife Mary and all my children.
Isaac Parker, Sr.
W.D. April 8, 1802: W.P. Aug. Court 1802 Gates Co. N. C.
Ex.: Isaac Pipkin and son Isaac Parker.
Wit: Wm. Baker, Dempsey Williams, Jr.
1. Jonathan Parker (?Wit to Dempsey's Will ?)
2. Daniel Parker
3. Samuel Parker
4. Mary Parker
5. Sarah Parker
6. Mary Parker
7. Sarah Parker
8. Zachariah Parker
9. Isaac Parker (Wit to Dempsey's Will?)
A Samuel Parker died in Chowan Co. leaving a will Mar. 1811 wife Silvia, son John and daus Lydia, Kesiah, Nancy, Silvia, Elizabeth Harrell. Wit. Miles Welch & Penny Fullenton.
Elizabeth Parker
W. D. Sept 19, 1799: Feb. Court 1800 Gates Co. N. C.
Wit: Wm. Baker, Judith Baker.
Ex. Cousin James
Brother Isaac Jr. and his daughter, Mary Parker.
Abram Parker
W.D. Sept. 22, 1859: August Term 1860: Wit.: B. Goodman, Wm. Y. Goodman.: Ex.: son John.
1. Elder son, Thomas Parker
2. Dau., Mary Brinkly w/o Daniel.
3. John Parker
4. Richard E. Parker
5. Mary A. Parker.
"Some Wills of Burned Out Counties.
Richard Parker
W. D. Oct. 28, 1760: W.P. Feb. 13, 1764 Nans. Co. VA.
Ex. Dempsy Sumner, Abraham Parker, Sr. Jess Bird.
Wife: unnamed.
1. son, David Parker
2. Dau. Ede Parker
To Uncle Peter Parker land in Hertford Co. N. C.
An Abraham Parker J.P. 1785 Nans. Co.
Upper Par. Book Nansemond Co. 1743-1793
Processioning- Abrahm Parker, Richard Parker, Hardy Parker-neighbors.
A warning-some of Surry Co. Parkers also went to N. C.
Helen Peyton says the following Peter Parker s/o Richard W.P. 1752. This information she sent me in correspondence. She has written books on the Nansemond Co. Parkers, which I believe should be read. You will find them interesting and informative. Many areas you will find different conclusions drawn by me from her, but it is you who should make your own decisions, which is correct. I highly recommend that you read her books.
S/o Richard and Katherine King Parker???
Peter Parker
Bn. ? prior 1718. In Hertford Co. N. C. 1757. Wife unknown
Had at least:
1. Jonathan Parker
2. Elisha Parker W.P 1794 Gates Co., N. C.
3. Peter (??W.P. 1785 Chowan Co.-my notation)
Elisha Parker s/o Peter.
Bn. Chowan Co., N. C.: W. D. Aug. 26, 1793: W.P. Feb. Court 1794 Gates Co., N. C. Ex. Wife Esther, Jess Parker and Elisha Parker. Wit: John Parker, Daniel Parker, Jurat., Pa. Hagerty, Jurat.
Md. #1 OCT. 1752 Rebecca Warren.
1. Peter Parker bn. Jan 1762 Chown Co. (Now Gates Co. N. C.)
2. John.
3. Jesse.
4. Elisha.
5. Elizabeth Parker Md. Mr. Eason.
6. Mary Md. Mr. Griffin had a son John.
7. Peggy Parker.
8. Christian Parker.
9. Nancy Parker.
Peter Parker s/o Elilsha
Bn Jan 1762: d. July 16, 1836 Hopins Co. Ky.
Md. Sarah Barnes (1762-1836)
Ex. Benjamin Parker and Wm H. Arnold.
Wit: A. W. Wake, Geo. Givens, C. M. Owen.
1. Elizabeth Md. Andrew Phillips.
2. Mildred Permentor
3. Ester Parker
4. Richard Parker
5. Bethany Harmon
6. Wiley Parker
7. Elisha Parker
8. Benjamin Parker bn. Aug. 1798 Gates Co.
9. Thomas Parker
10.Barnes Parker (Line of Helen Peyton) (She has written a book about her line of Parkers--I have mentioned her book before.)(at the beginning of this book I state that Dr. Richard Parker of Charles City Co., Va. is not the Richard Parker, of this line as she claims in her book).
Elisha Parker
W. D. Sept. 3, 1806: W.P Nov. Court 1806 Gates Co. N. C.
Wit: Jonathan Roberts and Hilary Willey:Test: Daniel Parker and Pa Haggerty. Wife, Peggy, and daus. Elizabeth Pipin, and Polly Lee Parker.
Jess Parker
W. D. Sept 12, 1800: Nov. Court 1800 Gates Co. N. C.
Wit: R. Hunter, Hardy Cross.
My wife and two children.
Peter Parker
W. P. 1785 Chowan Co. N. C.: Ex. Jacob Jordan and son, Peter
Wit. ------Meredith, Mariam Johnson.
1. Elisha Parker
2. Peter Parker
3. Seth Parker
4. Dau. Rodith Parker
5. Willis Parker
6. Isaac Parker
7. Sele Parker
Seth Parker Sr.
W. D. Aug. 24, 1820: W. P. Dec. Term 1820 Chowan Co. N. C.
Ex.: son, Jess and Br., Willis
Wit: Absalom H. Pritchard, Charles O,Neal
Wife: Elizabeth
1. Jesse Parker
2. Elizabeth Parker
3. Mary Parker
4. Nathanial Parker
5. children of Seth
6. Sarah Parker
Elisha Parker
W.D. Jan. 4th, 1828: June Term 1830 Chowan Co. N. C.
Ex: son Jacob, son, Peter, son Jacob and Charles E. Johnson.
Wit: Wm. Privett, Sam'l Privett
Wife: Elizabeth
1. Jacob Parker
2. Elizabeth
3. Sarah
4. Peter Parker
5. Job Parker
Willis Parker
W.P Dec. 30, 1842 Chowan Co., N. C.Ex: son John
Wit: Thomas Satterfield, Jesse Parker
Wife Elizabeth
1. John Parker
2. Mary Jones
4. Elizabeth Parker 5. Sarah Parker
Richard Parker, Richard Parker, Richard & Katherine King Parker
Jonas Parker
Bn. ca. 1733:W.D.10- 21-1771:W. P. May 1775 Orange Co. N. C.
Wit. Robert Bumpus, Wm. Fowler, Grace Fowler, Johanna PERSON
Md. Rebecca Person d/o John and Rebecca Cockerham Person.
Minor children:?
1. Richard Parker
2 Steven/STEPHEN Parker Md. Polly Brewer
3. Abner Parker Md. Ann Holloway
4. Powell Parker Md. Nancy Lumpkin
5. David Parker died Granville Co. N. C.
6. Francis Parker
7. Dau. Winny Parker
8. Sally Parker
9. Betsy Parker
Division of Personal estate Apr. 1791 Caswell Co. N. C. Owned land in Granville Co., and Orange Co. N. C. (maybe all children now of age)
Robert Parker 1761 in Granville Co. N. C.
Son Francis--Elizabeth Moody, housekeeper.
List of inhabitants in Oxford Dist., Granville Co. N. C. 1786 included Jonathan Parker and Samuel Parker s/o Jonathan.
Jeptha Parker.
Jonathan Parker, b/o, Jonas Parker in 75
Richard Parker "The Immigrant"
W.P. July 3, 1677-Admin. Judith Parker, Relict.
W.& D. Bk2 PP51 & 77.--Bk. 2 Pg. 141.
Md. by May 1, 1668 Judith ____ Hunt.
W.P. July 1, 1679, Wid. of Wm. Hunt.
Richard Parker's profession was a Brassier.
1. Richard Parker "Orphan" bn. ca. 1669-70: W.D. Apr. 3, 1744: WP. Feb. 19, 1750. Married Mary Jane _____?___
2. A stepson, William Hunt Jr.
3. A stepdaughter, Mary Hunt.
Richard Parker 314 acs. Surry Co., upon main Blackwater Swp. Adj. Jno. Baker Dec. 20, 1670. Headrights: Jasper Grantum, David Phillips, Evan Davis, Wm. Marriot, Richard Parker, twice, Jno. Warren. (Ref: "Cavaliers and Pioneers" by N. Nugent.) Some Nansemond genealogies claim this is Richard Parker of Nansemond, but it definitely says Surry Co., and this is the area of Richard Parker--Blackwater Swp.
Jan. 6, 1673 a certificate from the Office of the Secretary of the Colony for 50 acs. of land for the transportation of John Warren by Richard Parker. (Surry Co. orders, 1671-90, Pg. 40)
May 16, 1692 Richard Parker, of Surry County, conveyed to Richard Washington, for the sum of 2000 pounds of tobacco, 80 acres of land lying on "Parker's Spring Branch" and Blackwater Swamp.
Witnesses by Elizabeth and Francis Clements. (Vol III, P. 265)
(Notice Blackwater Swamp and the fact the Clements family married into this Richard Parker's family).
July 3, 1677 Administration is granted to Judith Parker, on the estate of her deceased husband, Richard Parker: Surity: Wm. Carpenter and Wm. Nance. (Orders 1671-90 Pg. 144). Oct 4, 1677 Judith Parker, relict appointed Adminx. (Surry Co. Bk. 2-pg. 141.)
Surry Co. Deed Bk. 2 Pg. 102: Ann Kersey bound son to learn Brassier trade, as apprentice to Richard Parker. (Information from Isabel Lockard-a descendant of this Richard Parker.)
(?Brasiere-one who works with Brass?)
Wm. Hunt II moved with Richard Parker and his mother to Surry Co. Mary Hunt, d/o Judith married 1st Robert Evans and second Owen Griffen and third Wm. Bodie, as his 3rd Wife.
July 1, 1679 Wm. Hunt was appt'd to administer estate of Judah Parker who died and left estate.:Thos. Pittman, Wm. Carpinter, Wm. Nance. Bk.2 Pg. 218-219.
Mar. 25, 1682 Benjamin Harrison requested that one-half of her two thirds be allowed to Richard Parker, Orphan.
Signed Benj. Harrison, Wm. Simmons. Bk. 2 Pg. 307
Richard Parker "Orphan".
W.D. April 3, 1744: W. P. Feb. 19, 1750. Bk. 9 Pg. 680. Surry Co.
Wit: Elizabeth Jones, Jr., Elizabeth Jones, Robert Jones, Jr.
Md. Mary ca. 1669-70 Albemarle Parish, Surry Co. Va.
1. Ann (Estate inventoried Feb. 19, 1750 Surry Co., Va. Md. by 1744 William Phillips (Estate inventoried Feb. 19, 1750).
2. Richard Parker, Jr. bn. ca. 1695-1700 Surry Co., Va.: W. D. Jan. 27, 1750: W.P Apr. 16, 1751: Md. 1721 Judith, Widow of Wm. Wyche. She died and he Md. #2 Sarah Jarrell by 1741, d/o Thomas Jarrell of Isle of Wight.
3. Faith-alive 1759: Md. by 1744 Mr. (?John) Hunt. W.D. Oct. 20, 1758: W.P. Nov. 16, 1759 Sussex Co. VA. WBk. A Pg. 147 Sussex Co. Va.
4. Judith Md. by 1744 Benjamin Clements; died 1778.
5. Hannah Md. by 1744 Thomas Sisson.
6. William Parker died Apr. 7, 1768 Sussex Co. Md. by 1741 Sarah Jones. Descendants to Knoxville, Tenn.
Richard Parker's Will P. Feb. 19, 1750 Surry Co., Va.--Abst.
Leg.-Daughters, Ann Phillips, Faith Hunt, Judith Clements, Hannah Sisson. Son, Richard Parker, Grandson, Frederick Parker. Son, William Parker, Benjamin Clements, husband of Judith Clements. Wife, Mary Parker and son William Exer.
Ref: Southside Virginians-Bodie
Tyler's Quarterly & Genealogies of Va. Families Vol. 1, Pg. 384.
Clements of Surry Co. VA. & Baltimore Md.
Isabel Lockard's line in which she states, "On Feb. 1750 the will of Richard Parker, Sr. was proved, and on the same date the inventories of his daughter, Ann, and her husband, Wm. Phillips were recorded. They must have all died about the same time. Also, Richard Parker, Jr. made his will only three weeks before that, although, he did not die until the next year. Was there a plague which killed Richard Parker, Sr. and Wm. and Ann Phillips, but which Richard Parker Jr. survived?" (I like to include others thoughts-it may lead to new revelations for others. (W.P.)
William & Sarah Jones Parker issue:
1. Elizabeth (1741-68), b. Sarah bn. 1743, Md. Feb. 9, 1760 Sussex Co.Thomas Parker, Security David Jones: c. William Parker, Bapt. Dec. 25, 1745 (?Md. Mar. 1768 Mary Peters?) Md. Sussex Co. Dec. 27, 1771 Susannah Hunt, d/o Benj: d. Lucy Md. Mar. 24, 1768 James Peters: e. Mary Md. Dec. 20, 1767 Hinchea Pettway, Wit. Herbert Clabourn (their dau. Sally Jones Md. Mar. 1, 1787 Jess Kitchen.) f. Martha Bapt. June 14, 1751 Md. Thomas Sisson of Brunswich Co. Va. g. Susannah Bapt. Apr. 28, 1759: h. Judith Bapt. Nov. 28, 1757.
Richard Jones died Jan. 25, 1774, in his 72nd year. His wife, Ann, died Feb. 21, 1774 in 66th year. Turned in by Hamilton Jones. Died with swelling in throat. Is this parents of Mary?
Robert Jones Bn. Nov. 1694: Feb. 14, 1775.
Richard Parker III
Bn. ca. 1685-1700 Surry Co. Va.
W.D. Jan. 27, 1750\1: W.P. Apr. 16, 1751 Surry Co. Va.
Wit. Geo. Hamilton, Samuel ?Peete, Wm. Parker
Will & deed Bk. 9 1738-54 pp 689-692.
Md. after Feb. 15,1721/2 #1 Judith, Wid. of Wm. Wyche (Had Cyril & Sarah) Judith deceased before Feb. 16 , 1731.
(Wm & May Qtly. Ser. #1 Vol 14, Pg. 59)
Md. #2 Sarah Jarrell ca. 1740-41: W.D. Jan. 3, 1760
W.P. May 16, 1760 Sussex Co. Va. W.Bk. A. Pg. 162.
Wit: Thomas Parker and Sarah Parker.
d/o Thomas Jarrell, Sr. W.P Feb. 22, 1741 Isle of Wight Co., Va.
1. Frederick Parker bn. prior to 1730: W. D. Mar. 7, 1777: W..P. Apr. 3, 1777 Isle of Wight. Md. Mary, Wid. of Guy/Giles Driver. Bd. Nov. 30, 1770 Sussex Co. Va. Ex: Bro, Richard and Rev. Henry John Burgess: Friend Brewer Godwin to assist: Wit: Brewer Godwin, Mary Whitfield: Sec. John Woodley. (Wills and Admin. Isle of Wight by Chapman) Had a son Earland.
2. Drury Parker Bn. Ca. 1722-4 Albemarle Par. Surry Co. Va. W. D. 1783: W. P. Feb. 12, 1789 Southampton Co. Va. Md. #1 ca. 1748 Elizabeth Barham: Md. #2 June 15, 1783 Southampton Co. Mildred Clanton. Sur. Reuban Clanton, Wm. Clanton: d/o Nathanial and Mary Holsenback Clanton.
#2 Wife:
3. Richard Md. Oct. 23, 1767 Mary Blunt in Southampton Co. VA. d/o Henry Blunt and Sarah Blunt: Wit: Richard Kello. Edw. Fisher, Thomas Blunt and Ann Blunt.
4. Thomas W.D. June 7, 1788: W. P. July 3, 1788 Isle of
Wight Co. Va. Wit: Brewer Godwin, John King, Samuel King:
; Wm. Hoffler Qualified as Ex: Sec. Samuel Hawkins and
Joseph Parker. Appr'rs. Sam. Whitfield, Edmond Godwin,
; Nathanial Norsworthy, Sam. King. Rec. Jan. 6, 1790. Wife
Mary. Son Joseph W.P. 1789 Gates Co. N. C., Dau. Mary Md.
Wm. Houghland: Dau. Sally Md. June 27, 1783 Samuel Hawkins,
Sur. Joseph Parker, Wit. Ben Hawkins, F. Young.
Granddaughter, Nancy McCory and all my grandchildren. (WBk.
9 pg. 112) (?Md. Apr. 21, 1766 Jane Ridly d/o James?)
5. Peter Parker-His legacy from father a tract in Northampton Co. N. C. purchased of Joseph Riggen, dec'd--260 acres, and two negroes when 18.
6. William Parker Bn. ca.?1732-not 18 when father made his will.
He received in father's will 350 acs. in Brunswick Co. Va. on Little Cr. purchased of Wm Smith, deed 1737. Seems to be Wm Parker mentioned in above will who lived at Isle of Wight
and made his will Jan. 23, 1791: W. P. Apr. 4, 1791--mentions John, land in Nansemond, deceased son, Wm. Parker, Nanny Holland, Elizabeth Beal (Md. Sept. 26, 1782 Southampton Co. Va. Absolum Beal). Grandson Hardy Parker (Clerk and Vestryman of Holy Neck Chapel in Nansemond 1763-84). Exector: Friend John Duck. Wit: James Uzell, Robert Beal. Appraisers Laud Griffin, Miles Carr, James Fowler. Wm. Parker Md. Jan. 3, 1787 Martha Brewer Isle of Wight Co., Va.
7. Sarah Md. Mr. Hunt.
8. Martha Parker--alive unmd. 1760 in Sarah Jarrell Parker's will.
9. Mary Parker Md. Dec. 18, 1767 Jeremiah Drew, Southampton Co. Sur. Drury Parker: Wit. Edw. Fisher.
10. Ann Parker not of age when father died.
11. Elizabeth Parker Bn. after father died.
(?Elizabeth d/o Richard Parker & Sarah Bn. Jan. 7, 1748/9:Chr.Feb. 9, 1748/9. Did she die?)
GodParents:Samuel Pate, Mary Pate, Sarah Parker.
Richard Parker W.P. Apr. 16, 1751 Surry Co. Va.
Abst: To son, Richard Parker the Plantation where I live with 950 acres thereto belonging, provided that if child in esse be a male, he will return to said child 350 acres of the Indian Land on Reedy Branch, also to Richard Parker three negroes, pewter plates, horse & saddle, when 18 years old. To son, Thomas Parker, three negroes, horse and saddle, live stock, etc. when 18 years old. To son, Peter Parker a tract of land in North Carolina, in Northampton County, purchased of Joseph Riggen, deceased, date, 1742/3, 260 acres, and two negroes, pewton, livestock etc. when 18 years old. To son, William, a tract of land in Brunswick County, 350 acres, on Little Creek, said land purchased of Wm. Smith, deed date 1737, also stock etc. To daughter, Sarah Parker, negro, bed, horse, etc. To daughters Martha, Mary, and Ann bequests of negroes, furniture Etc. To son, Drury Parker, one negro. To son, Frederick Parker, one negro. Wife, Exerx. W.D. Jan. 27, 1750/1.
SOUTHAMPTON CO. VA. by Paramore Pg. 27-8
(Byrd's surveying Va. and N. C. Border)
"After so many weeks in wild----a few miles further West the party crossed the Nottaway at Bolton's Ferry and spent the night at the nearby plantation of Richard Parker, an honest planter (Mar. 1728) whose labors were rewarded with plenty ---etc.
With a little regret the Surveyors next took leave of Sally Parker, (Could this be Stepdaughter, Sarah Wyche?) the planter's attractive daughter and Molly Izzard, proclaimed by Byrd to be "The smartest damsel in these parts". After satisfying the curiosity of some of the commissioners at Nottaway Town (on the
site of Courtland) that evening the party reached the Blackwater Bridge of Col. Henry Harrison on the afternoon of Apr. 8, 1728 and congratulated one another on their return to Christendom. "
Paramore goes on to state in his book--"Byrd' s revealing description of his trip through the Blackwaters and Nottawy country seems misleading only with the state of religion there. Angelicans there had erected a Chapel in 1726 at the East end of what was afterwards known as Middlecock Bridge (between Berlin & /zuni) Rev. Fontaigne, an Angelican Parson, who served as Chaplain to the surveyors christened two children at Richard Parkers next day, but the Blackwaters did not mark the bounds of Christendom anymore than did those of English settlement."
This Sarah Parker was probably the stepdaughter of Richard Parker the 3rd, daughter of Judith Wyche, Wid. of William (children were Cyril and Sarah Wyche. His grandfather, Richard Parker had patented 314 acs. on Blackwater Swp.
William Wyche W. D. Feb. 21, 1719/20: W.P. Feb 15, 1731
Est. admin. Parker Jr., surviving husband of Judith Parker Feb. 16, 1731. Judith, apparently, has died.
Edward Braddy Est. by Judith Wyche, Adm. May 17, 1721: Sn'd. Curtis Land, John Hatty, Richard Poole. Bk. 7 no page No. given.
?Albemarle Par. Records. (Could this be the father of Judith?)
Some information from Reg. of Albemarle Par. Surry & Sussex Co. 1739-78.
Drury Parker---St. Lukes Parish.
Bn. ca. 1722-4: W. D. June 3, 1783: W.P Feb. 12, 1789 Southampton co. Va. Will Book 4. Pg. 293
Ex. Bro. Richard Parker, Jeremiah Drew, Randolph Newcomb.
Md. #1 ca. 1748-9 Elizabeth Barham d/o Charles.
#2 Md. June 15, 1769 Mildred Clanton Sussex Co. VA.: d/o Mary.
Sur. Reuban Clanton, Wm. Clanton.
Not order of birth:
1. Howell Parker bn. 1757 Surry Co.: died 1796 Stanly Co. Mo.? Md. 1780 (?1790) Elizabeth Lofton Bn. 1756.
2. Betsy Parker
3. William Parker
4. Thomas Parker
5. Edwin Parker Md. Apr. 18, 1802 Elizabeth Williams: Sur. Jacob Darden.
6. Frederick Parker ?Md. Oct. 21, 1791 Sussex Co. VA. Temperance Williams.
7. Matthew Parker Bn. Ca. 1783: d. ca. 1835 Va. Md. Dec. 4, 1817 Lucy Baily Bn. June 26, 1793, d/o Britton (1765-WP 1828) and Lucy Andrews Baily.
8. Lucy Parker (?Md. Mar. 29, 1768 James Peters)
9. Patsy/Patty? Parker
10. Nanny Parker
11. Suky Parker(? Sarah Parker Md. Aug. 10, 1769 Moses Lofton: Wit: Richard Kello: Sur. Jeremiah Drew.)
12. Tempy Parker
13. Judith Parker
14. Richard Parker
15. Polly Parker Md. Nov. 15, 1806 Irvin B. Mayo: d/o Milly: Wit: Judith Parker-consent only.?)
Matthew had James Thomas Bn. Dec. 25, 1818: d. 1873-4: Md. #2 Rebecca Clemens Moore (1819-1897) d/o Richard.
son, Robert Thomas (1857-1936 Decatur, Ill. Md. Emma Cecilia Rudd.
Dau.. Ethel Parker bn. 1885 Idpls., Ind.: d/ 1963 Charleston S. C. Md. Claude Wesley Lockard.
Dau. Bertha Isabel Lockard Bn June 27, 1915
Brandon Man, Canada.
Address 1993:Miss Isabel Lockard
32 Jamestown Rd.
Charleston S. C. 29407-7526
(She Compiled her infor. Jan. 1988)
Richard Parker, Richard Parker, Richard Parker, Thomas Parker
Joseph Parker
W. D. July 21, 1789: W.P Aug. 1789 Gates Co. N. C.
Test: John Robins Sr., John Robins Jr.
Wife Catren (Catherine.)
1. Joseph Parker
2. John Parker
3. Cader Parker
4. James Parker
5. Polly Parker
6. Elizabeth Parker
7. Nancy Parker
8. Pussa Parker
9. Sarah Jones.
William Parker (s/o William W. P. 1791 s/o Richard)
W. P. 1789 Gates Co. N. C.
1. John
2. Wm.
3. William bn. 1758 Va.
4. Breasy Parker (?Tereasy, ?Tracy,)Daughter
5. Hugh Parker
6. James Parker
?Wm. Parker W. D. Feb. 9, 1780: Rec. Nov. 7, 1788 Parish Newport, Isle of Wight.
Legatee: wife Mary (Beale d/o Benj)
Ex. Benj. Beale Sr.
Wit: John Green.
I want this information used to help others in Parker lines, but be sure you go to the records to verify what I have written.
We all make mistakes, and I do make many typing errors in the process of retyping. Please, do not do as some do--just using what others say without doing much research on your own, and get documentation, if at all possible. I believe that is why there is so much misinformation out on these three Richard Parkers. You can't only take other people's conclusions, nor tradition. I am sure there are typing errors-sorry!
again I must stress this book is to prove that there were three different Richard Parkers, and that Dr. Richard Parker of Charles City Co., Va. and that he moved to Henrico Co., Va. He was not the Richard Parker of Surry nor the Richard Parker of Nansemund Co., Va. sn’d Waunita Powell.
I am including some notes/corrections sent to me by Ray Fouts (female). I believe it may be of great help to all.
First I think you did a great job on your Dr. Richard. I intend to comment on it in my book on the Nansemond clan. I have spent the last six month in the patents, online, and have learned a good bit more than I knew before. Maps are essential tools for me, or I would be clueless as to where anything, or anybody really was.
Your page 29, second para., Lewis Wright is incorrect. It was William Wright.
Same page, last paragraph, there were two Craney Creeks and islands. One was southwest of Suffolk, Va.(Thomas Dew and Richard Parker’s lands) and the other was in what is now Norfolk Co., near Newport News. It seems there were two of most everything up there.
Pg. 32, I strongly do not believe that the William Parker with the 1636 & 1638 patents went to Maryland. I do believe he stayed I Nansemond Co., and was Richard Parker’s father. Elizabeth River Parish is in the same area as the second Craney Creek, in all its spellings. There was an early Edward Parker in that same area, but no known connection to the Parkers in the Upper Parish of Nansemond. That is a peculiarity of name, by the way. The Upper Parish, or Upper Norfolke, Upper New Norfolke was the southern part of Nansemond and the Lower Parish, etc., was in the northern section. Reason: totally unknown, to me. You are ever so right about Thomas Dew not being Thomas Drew. That was a real stretch on some folks’ part.
pg. 33, second Para., “Also in the area of Richard Parker.” there is an error. Bennett’s Creek is right, but Croucher/Crouches Cr. is in Surry Co., per C & P, quite a distance away. Of course, there were two (again) Bennets Crs. One was in the Upper Parish, with Richard, and the head of it is just over the Nansemon/Gates border. The other is in the Lower Parish and empties into the James River. It is an interesting story, but I don’t know how Boddie got it into Surry, if that is what he did. That William lived near Blunt Point, much closer to Newport News and Hampton Roads than Dumplin Island. Could that “Nanseaugertes” have been Nansemond Aug. Term? (Possible- when I had my files transferred from Word Perfect to Microsoft 2000 strange things showed up-Waunita).
Pg. 34 I believe John Bush’s patent to have been just north and west of Ragged Island. Ragged Island is the southern terminus of the James River Bridge. There is some confusion over Dumpling Island here. I realize that the pat. to William said “of Warrisquoick, : but that land does not lie in Isle of Wight and never has. In 1636, people were not that sure of County “boundaries,”so it was probably easy to make that kind of mistake. Dumpling Island is on the Eastern side of the Southern Br. of the Nanse. Riv. Powell’s Cr. is just south of Dump. Is.
Pg34-35 Wm. Hatfield had at least three patents in Nansemond, and probably bought a good bit more land, for which there are no deeds (drat the Brits and the Yanks!) The two for 100 and 200 acres were not near Dumpling Is., but near Craney Cr. (South.)
Page 36 22 Feb. 24, 1675/6… There is marsh all over Nansemond: this land is not on Dumpling Island.
Page 38 Lower Norfolk became Norfolk and Upper Norfolk became Nansemond.
The Western Br. of the Nans. Riv. and Chuckatuck Cr. are different places.
What is the source of the Paul Pender Will? Is that supposed to be Elizabeth, Lee, or Elizabeth Lee?
The Chowan deed from William Williams to Peter Parker is witnessed by John Parker, not Joan.
pg. 39 Top Line: Is that Bryant Oquin?
Pg. 41 Top, #3 That John was Peter’s eldest son.
Pg. 42 There is no documentation for Jean’s maiden name. People have called her Jean Bush Evans. and Jean Early Evans, but nobody seems to be able to prove it. Thomas had an eldest son, Peter, Not in his will, then Thomas, Joseph, Sarah, John William and Frances. All the children in the will were minors. There was no James. That is Hathaway’s goff and he made a lot of them, but he did record some things that are no longer extant. Sarah most probably had an elder sister who married Benjamin Evans. He was son of John and Jane Evans. I have his will.
John Benton’s will reads grandson Jess not James.
Jane Parker deed to James and Francis-not so-deed was to John Parker, from Jane and Francis (Frank). Ray.
I am sure Ray’s work is well done and you should check it out.
Some day you will hear more from her work. Waunita Powell
The following account, from the Accomac County Records for 1690-1697,pg. 161, is also given in “The Kingdom of Accawmacke” by Wise, p. 322, and in “17th Century Va.” by Bruce, p. 181.
“ Attached to the plantation of Capt. Richard Bayly of Accomac Co. was a negro slave who, by his accomplishments in this respect contributed as much to the diversion of the neighborhood as any person in it. This fiddler is found taking a prominent part in a lively scene which occurred at the house of the Ref. Thomas Teakle, to the scandal of the whole countryside, though innocent enough in light of modern day.
Elizabeth Parker, accompanied by Samuel Doe and his wife, went over to Mr. Teakle’s house to visit his daughter while he was away. They carried the Negro boy with them and after their arrival it occurred to the little company that it would be pleasant in the opportune absence of the clergyman to have a dance. The fiddle which had been left behind was sent for and the dancing began. While it was going on one James Fairfax came for the boy, but Elizabeth Parker made him abandon his purpose by informing him with some tempeer, that she had borrowed the fiddler of her sister, Ursula Bayly, his owner(Note. Richard Baily Jrs.’s wife was called Urcilla in his will in 1808). However she declared she would pay him. She (Elizabeth) took fromher purse a Spanish piece of eight. She also persuaded Fairfax to remain and take part in the dancing. Etc____
Accomack County Orders 169-1697, reel 79, pp 160a-165
From Virginia State Library,
Obtained by Geo. P. Bauguess
And transcribed by Raymond “Ray” P.
Fouts-- July 1, 1987
Sent to my by Ray.
I Will just give abstract of contents.
Whereas John Lewis and Thomas Milles were summoned by ye Sheriff to attend ye Court as Jury man in order to ye Tryall of the case between Mr. Thomas Teakle Pltff and Phillip Parker and Elizabeth his wife deft and being called to be Sworn failed to appeare. This Cort doe order yt ye Sd. John Lewis and Thomas Miles be fined for their Sd. Contempt one hundred pound of toba. And yt they also pay charges of court als Execucon.­­­­­Etc--------- -
Pg. 160a done ata the house of ye said Mr. Tho. Teackle ?—night the Sd. Mr. Teackles Serv Woman Elizs told the Depont yt her said Masters daughter Mrs. Margaret Teackle had Sent her for the Said Elizabeth Parker the wife of ye Sd. Phillip Parker as the Said Servt, Eliz Said and the answer the Eliz Parker returned that her father was not at home but could not come till he came home and then would waite on her or to that effect and accordingly about an houre by son the Sd. Eliz Parker, Samll Doe his wife and Daughter came wth her to and a Negro fiddler with them belonging to Capt. Richard Bayley whose fiddle was sent for or brought after him and one James Fairefaxe house of ye Sd. Mr. Teackle
-------Sd. Elizabeth Parker replyed she had borrowed the Fidler of her sister Ursula Bayly wife of the Sd. Capt. Richard Bayly and he should not goe with her will
Page 162a a deposition by Mary (M.) Major-MENTIONED ELIZABETH Parker w/o Phillip Parker and a Majr. Bayley mentioned
This court concerned dancing Thread, ribbon, shoe strings. This is enough to prove that Elizabeth Bayley Parker was the wife
of Phillip Parker of the Accomacke Co. Parkers.
Richard, Richard Richard and Catherine King.
Jonathon Parker(b/o JONAS)
Bn. ca. 1713 Nansemond Co.:W.D. June 3, 1788 Granville Co., N. C.
W.P. Aug. 1788: ex. Son Samuel and John Badget; Wit. Jonathon Badjett, Elizabeth Howell
In Rev. War:md. 1738 Miss ?Howell:md. #2? Ann Copeland 1744,
Wife #1:
1.Jesse bn. 1739 N. C.
2.Rachael Dixon bn 1743 N. C.—5 sh. Each.
Wife #2
3. Elizabeth
Three youngest sons when of age-land to be sold ÷d
1. Samuel
2. Elijah
3. George
1. Jesse bn. 1739
2. Rachael bn. 1743 N. C.
#2 W.
3. Cader bn. 1745:Aug. 1780 Granville Co., N. C.
4. Jonathon
5. Jemima md. Leo Forsythe
6. Elizabeth md. Joseph Hester
7. Pharada bn. and d. in Broswell
8. Ann
9. Samuel bn. 1763:1809 Wake Co., N. C.
10.Elijah bn. 1768 Grandville N. C.. d. 1853 Bedford Co.Tenn.
11.George md. Lucy Wilkerson
Do not have down where I got this information.
It is possible that the index may be a little off due to switching to Microsoft from Word Perfect 5.0. The index is not 100% every name, but you will be able to find y

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our family if it is in the book. I did leave off some names that were in the deeds. The book isn’t that big that you become lost.

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